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NECA: 40th Anniversary Ultimate Telepathic E.T.

Is there a more appropriate E.T. figure to feature on casual Friday than E.T. rocking a bathrobe? I don’t think so. Let’s take a look at the 40th Anniversary Ultimate Telepathic E.T.!

I was looking at the whole range of these 40th Anniversary figures and something that’s really standing out to me are the beautiful cover paintings appropriate for every figure. I’m also super jealous of that living room backdrop they used in the pictures on the inside flap and the back of the box.

This E.T. comes with a complete Speak & Spell, a T.V. remote, a telephone and three sets of interchangeable hands (two open, one glowing finger, two flower pot holding hands, and a grip hand.

The glowing finger is the same as the one from the deluxe figure and is painted white with a fade to yellow. The c-grip hand can grab the included accessories, but boy does it seem like it was intended for a can of coors.

The remote is a well detailed, tiny little accessory with clean, shiny silver paint and buttons. While he doesn’t come with the flower pot, the curved hands can be used with other accessories or the flowers from other figures.

The Speak & Spell also has a ton of lovely tiny detail and clean paint. Almost every kid I knew growing up had one of the things, so it’s hitting some serious nostalgia buttons. E.T. can hold it in the C-grip hand, but I prefer the look of it balanced in his open hands.

The phone is an amazing little accessory and I love that they even added the silver detail at the bottom that you would see on those old phones. I had a phone EXACTLY like this when I was a kid, down to the color on the face and the buttons, so I’m probably more delighted by this than most people would be.

The sculpting is excellent and E.T. has tons of wonderful and appropriate texture on the skin and the robe hangs in a natural way.

The figure looks to me to be mostly a re-release of the Telepathic E.T. from 10 years ago. That figure had a different portrait with more of heavy-lidded drunk look to it and this one is a bit more benevolent. This E.T. has the more squat-neck look, but you can swap heads easily with other 40th Anniversary figures. Below I swapped head and neck with the deluxe figure.

While the sculpting has held up, articulation has advanced a bit since then. I think if this was made today, his elbows would have better range of motion. As it is, there is not quite a 90 degree hinge in those swivel/hinge elbows. E.T. has wonderful range of motion in his ball and socket head, neck, and feet joints. The shoulders, elbows, and wrists have swivel/hinge joints.

Paint is really solid with nice drybrushing for the skin textures and a great plaid pattern print on the robe. At just around four inches, I think he’s the right scale for a 7 inch scale figure collection.

Thanks to NECA for sending this along for early review.

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  1. The previous version of this had a drunk looking headsculpt and a beer holding hand…But no beer. Must have been a studio thing.

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