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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Galactus Review

Some characters cry out for special presentation. Extra effort. Maximum plastic. For Marvel, Galactus is definitely one of those characters. You will never get a true scale Galactus, so we want to go as big as possible and Hasbro has made the largest Marvel Legend yet. He’s the kind of character the Haslab really seems made to achieve, let’s take a look at the Marvel Legends Galactus!

The box is a big old slab of cardboard that came shipped in two outer boxes. I could see wanting to keep this box because not only is there a lovely comic-splash-page like front, but there is a huge cosmic backdrop on the back of the box, suitable for display. I included a shot above with a legends Spidey to help convey the scale of this chunk.

Galactus comes with three additional figures (Nova, Silver Surfer, and Morg) two stands, Surfer’s board, a purple energy effect, Morg’s axe, three sets of hands for Surfer (fist, open, and chop) and Nova (grip, open and fist), three face plates, and an alternate head.

The alternate Dr. Doom head swaps on and off easily and has pretty groovy metallic paint job with some creepy as all heck Galactus style pupils peaking out of his soulless black eyes. I don’t know the story this is from, but I want to read it now. The downside of the Doom head is you are missing the exquisite sculpting and light-up glory of the main head since the head lights are all powered by batteries in the head. The chest does still light up and there are enough pieces and layers in the chest to make it look sufficiently complicated and cool.

The alternate lower face plates can be pulled out and swapped for the others and are cast in a PVC that is softer than the rest of the head so it’s easy to pry it out and place back in. The sculpting on these three is fantastic and the paint has lovely dimensionality to it that makes it feel realistic. I think there is a slight texture to the faces brought out by a wash. The lights on this thing look like burning energy and I love the effect of the blue glow through the translucent eyes.

The stands for Nova and Silver surfer are designed for Galactus to grip the blast effect bases. The Surfer’s base does have swivel hinge to it for additional poseability, while Nova’s flame base has the hint of a peg and a flame part that can wrap around her leg to hold her in. The figures also balance fairly well on the stands when they aren’t in Galactus’ hands.

The three figures are fairly solid, Nova especially so as her articulation is exceptionally tight. I’m not sure if that is purposeful to help her stay posed on the stand, but it was a little scary at first getting those joints moving. The body is one of the newer pinless figures with double elbows and a lovely portrait and is cast in a shiny gold plastic. I’m not usually a fan of this kind of metallic plastic, but I feel it works pretty well for Nova. The translucent orange hair has a nice bit of fire highlight painted and it looks wonderful when back lit.

Surfer is a repaint with a new head. The finish is brighter, but slightly less metallic feeling than the recent Walgreens Silver Surfer.

I get more a modern comics feel from the portrait as well with finer features and hints of ears.

He has one of those ubiquitous Marvel Legends translucent power effects, but the plastic is so soft, I couldn’t really get it to grip his wrist and had to sort of shove it onto his open hand to get it to work.

Morg is all new and features a portrait that’s full of gleeful malice. The upper body had this great, bumpy red texture that is highlighted with a wash looks really interesting. His belt, gauntlets and boots are all a metallic plastic and I wish they had some sort of wash or other finish because they stand out to me as very obviously toy-like. I noticed mine has fairly weak ankles too.

His articulation is typical Marvel legends except he doesn’t have an ab crunch, just a ball and socket waist that gets nice movement. The neck is also a barbell ball joint and the hair prevents much looking up.

Galactus himself is a fairly modern design that has the main shapes of classic Galactus, but with a ton more detail packed in. For example, his shirt has the bold blue outlines you see in a Kirby drawing, but within those lines there are even more seems and rivets and designs.

The articulation is typical Legends style with:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, ankles, and fingers
  • Swivel biceps, thighs, forearms, and boots
  • Double hinged knees and biceps
  • Ball and socket head and mid-torso
  • Hinged lower ab crunch and knuckles

The articulation moves better than I was expecting, with the elbows getting about a 90 degree bend and the knees a little more than that. They did some cool engineering with the skirt, splitting it into four pieces that can move a bit to allow for more leg movement. The elaborate boots also have a moveable piece around the ankle so that the forward ankle hinge isn’t too impeded.

The hands are super poseable with swivel/hinge at the point where the fingers connect to the hand and hinges on the knuckles. It allows for some great hand movement and I expect to see many photos of Galactus flipping me the bird in the future.

The ratchets on the articulation are extremely tight and you really have to manhandle the figure to get them moving. Posing him makes me appreciate the ease of moving a regular six inch figure around! Galactus feels somewhat top heavy, so posing him is a bit scary, especially since I’m usually working on tables, so if he tumbles, he’s got a long fall to the ground. I usually shoot vanilla pics on a plexiglass sheet and man this figure was slippery on that surface. He stood much better on the wooden table.

Paint is great on this figure. Like I said earlier the faces have nice subtle washes that bring out detail and the metallic purples alternate with some matte purple details so he isn’t just a wall of metallic purple. The body doesn’t have much in the way of washes or drybrushing, but the cleanliness feels right in this case.

This was not a cheap figure, but the massive size, supporting figures, quality finish and brilliant, beautiful glow effect on the eyes make this feel worth the cost. I just need to figure out a worthy display. My favorite feature is the stands with Surfer and Nova, so I’m probably going to utilize those in there.

14 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Galactus Review

  1. The Dr. DOOM head comes from the story by Chip Zdarsky in 2017 Marvel 2 in 1 series issue 4. Where Thing and Human Torch search for multiverses Reed and Sue. They went on an alternate earth, where F4 failed and defeated during the first arrival of Galactus. Dr. Doom managed to switch bodies to Galactus saving the earth and consume everything else in the universe. Great story and a very cool additional tier for the Haslab I must say.

  2. I love this figure. Came about a week ago but waited till I had time to take it out with loving care. Weirdly, I thought the silver surfer stand was two parts, and after spending time trying to put them together, and then re-watching some review/preview videos, realized nope- I have a broken stand. Hopefully Hasbro will help, but even if not, Galactus is awesome and still worth the price of admission.

  3. I’m really hoping Nova will get a single release with the shiny metallic treatment like the Walgreens Surfer.

  4. Yeah, I have mine about 4 feet off the floor on a shallow shelf. Really made sure that he was leaning back a bit onto the wall, because while all the joints are pretty tight, the ankles are supporting a ton of weight.

  5. Galactus is the highlight of my year. Really ties the room together, to quote The Dude. Morg is pretty awesome, but Nova’s gold comes off as neither fiery or shiny. Just kinda dull, dirty gold. Think I might try to get some chrome gold or something. Up until now, I had been using an old, old Nova figure that had vac-metal gold.

    And I agree with the article. Side by side with the Walgreens surfer, the Walgreens one crushes it. I gave up on trying to get Galactus to hold the fire and purple display bases. I just used some super thin fishing line to hang them from Galactus’ arm.

  6. A special stand for Galactus would have been awesome. My wife got hers the other day but hasn’t opened it until she knows where to put him. Him falling off from somewhere and breaking is a real fear.

  7. Great review! I got the sentinel but passed on Galactus. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t passed on him.

  8. It’s perfect, it’s amazing, I’m so glad I can call it mine….I will never require anything like this ever again.

  9. Loving mine since it showed up last Wednesday. No issues with Morg’s ankles or Surfer’s stand’s ball joint on mine, but Nova’s neck joint/biceps/right ankle were really tight at first and swapping her hands remains scary. I love both stands but have difficulty keeping Surfer on his board while it’s slotted into the stand. It’s a balancing issue, and that short bloody peg on the board being the only thing keeping Surfer on his board doesn’t help.

  10. I’m loving this figure. So much photo opportunities for this one. The back drop helps a lot, posing him is excellent, I’m finally glad to have a Silver Surfer to my collection. I think the only thing I hate about it is the difficulty of having Surfer staying on his board when in Galactus’ hand.

  11. Great review and photos as always!! I love mine, but I had similar issues with Morg’s ankles (I’ve found him face-planted twice now). My Nova’s joints were ridiculously tight. I’ve had to boil some 2-3 times now (ankle swivels, elbows, left knee, neck, and torso). I even had to pop her right bicep swivel because it was literally fused to the shoulder joint and would not rotate one bit. Surfer’s stand’s ball joint also required boiling and finessing.

    Nothing too hard to fix, but kind of ridiculous on a $400 collector item. I customize so this stuff isn’t a big deal to me, but I can easily see people out there snapping parts just trying to articulate things for the first time. I do worry a little about how tight Galactus’ shoulder and bicep ratchets are. Some of the clicking sounds a little ominous.

    Still overall – I’m pretty darn happy with mine.

  12. I haven’t been able to get it to stay on, hoping these pics will help me get it on correctly.

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