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NECA: 40th Anniversary Ultimate E.T. and Ultimate Dress-Up E.T. Review

We’re back with more 40th Anniversary E.T. figures from NECA! Today we are looking at the Ultimate E.T. and the Ultimate Dress-Up E.T..

The boxes both have great painted artwork on the front that captures the feel of the film in a charming way and a front flap that reveals the figure and a nice environment photo with it.

Dress-Up E.T. comes with the dying plant, a purse, an alternate head with a longer neck, and three sets of hands. I like that two of the hands have little dress-up fancy rings on them.

The alternate head is the same one that comes with Ultimate E.T. and has a slightly different expression that the head with the wig. It’s fairly easy to pop and swap these heads between all the E.T. figures from NECA.

The little purse has a cute design print and loops around the arm.

The dying plant has an appropriately mushy green look and E.T. can hold them with his special potted plant holder hands.

The Ultimate E.T. comes with a blanket overlay, three sets of hands (plant holding, open, one c-grip and one glowing finger hand), a speak and spell, the live plant, and some Reese’s Pieces candy.

The Speak & Spell is the same one that came with the Telepathic E.T. and has a lot of detailed little paint applications and fits in the c-grip hand well.

The flower pot is the same as the one that came with the deluxe Ultimate E.T. and he can hold it against his body with the specialized hands. He’s also got the famous glowing finger hand which has a painted white finger tip.

The candy has a generic label and is sculpted with a neat krinkly feel and lots of tiny spilled candies.

Finally, the blanket rests comfortably on his shoulders and two little pegs allow you to easily pop it on or off. There is a good fuzzy texture to the sculpting that adds a bit of realism.

The Dress-Up E.T. has the most unique sculpting for all of this latest wave of E.T. figures with the elaborate wig, costume and jewelry all being unique and well detailed pieces. The wig is affixed to the head and the head has a slightly different expression with partly closed eyes and a different mouth shape.

The Ultimate E.T. without the blanket is very similar to the deluxe figure, just without the light-up feature and has wonderfully detailed texture in the sculpting.

The articulation is the same for these two with ball and socket head, neck, and feet and swivel hinge shoulders, elbows, and wrists. The articulation is all solid and moves well and I especially love the expressive range of the head and neck joints.

The paint on both is really solid as both have washes and drybrushing to bring out the awesome texture in the skin. The dress-up E.T. also has some very clean work on the clothing and the an almost hand painted look to the dress pattern. These are both a couple of solid figures. If you only are getting one, I’d suggest Ultimate E.T. because he’s got the most standard, iconic look with the classic accessories.

Thanks again to NECA for sending these along for review.

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  1. Interesting that they seem to have been able to license Speak & Spell but not Reeses Pieces.

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