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Hasbro 1027: Marvel Legends News

12 thoughts on “Hasbro 1027: Marvel Legends News

  1. Pick up an extra Shriek while she’s still cheap. Just swap the Yelena head, hands, straps and maybe upper torso onto the Shriek body.

  2. I’m not surprised but am still disappointed all Hasbro did regarding the Hellblazer was reveal another unlock that won’t move the needle with most folks, when a real concession (adjusting price and/or backer totals) could’ve gotten things moving. I know people say Hasbro would never do that, can’t set the precedent, not backing/this failing will teach them some “lesson”, etc….but why can’t Hasbro learn that lesson now and adjust instead of having the Hellblazer fail? If this fails, they get no money. Why not try and adjust to make some money instead of no money?

  3. C’mon, just dump the damn Charger already and put those characters in their own box set. They’d get a lot more interest than they are for the current haslab offering.

  4. I can’t believe that they got to Safari Jacket Wonder Man. He needs his hair to be gray, though.

    I can now hope that Jack of Hearts and Stingray will show up before I reach retirement age.

  5. I really want the Charger to fund, and was really looking forward to the Hellstrom….but, bleah, that one is boring. As many of the folks on the board point out, classic looks for these would be SO much better. Maybe since theyve.done this much work they’ll do classic versions of the characters after this bombs…but I won’t hold my breath. Depressing!

  6. I’d prefer an updated MCU Yelena or this Yelena on a pinless buck. It’s hard to go back to pins for me, now.
    I had hoped they’d reveal more about the alleged MLF/Marauders/Reavers 5-pack.

  7. I may be in the minority, but if I could’ve flipped Mephisto and Rider and car, I would gladly keep Maddy and Daimon.
    Oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  8. So on top of ANOTHER Haslab campaign Hasbro has decided to add a tier to one that’s already failing. Hasbro: Take. A. F******. Hint.

    If they want to continue this model the campaigns have to be slam dunks as well as few and far between

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