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Four Horsemen Studios: Figura Obscura Headless Horseman Review

With a hip, hip and a clippity clop, he’s out looking for a top to chop. So don’t stop to figure out a plan, you can’t reason with a headless man!

The crew at Four Horsemen Studios have brought back their Figura Obscura release this year, following up 2021’s highly successful Krampus figure. This time they are celebrating spooky season and all things Halloween with a trip to Tarrytown. Yes, they have brought the Headless Horseman back from Sleepy Hollow, and now he is better than he has ever been in plastic.

Spoiler alert: I LOVE this figure. I love everything about it. I want to mention that the love extends to the fact that they kept this release (mostly) quiet in terms of subject matter, it was available for a reasonable amount of time (by today’s standards), and was in-stock to ship. In these completely ridiculous modern times when we just go from one pre-order to the next, it has been so refreshing to be able to order a new figure and have it arrive on my door step within a few days. MORE OF THIS, PLEASE!

Anyway, I have always been a fan of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I was introduced to the story via the animated Disney movie, and I later read Washington Irving’s original story. I have a soft spot for the Tim Burton film as well, so much so, that at one time I owned the Horseman figure based on the movie. That moved out of my collection long ago, but I won’t shed a single tear at this point because this new Headless Horseman is just so cool. This original take on classic character is a refreshing entry into my collection, and the figure itself plays to many of the Four Horsemen’s strengths.

The majority of the base of this figure is build on the same system employed in their highly successful Mythic Legions line. The articulation system, proportions, style, and scale make this figure seamless if you are wanting it to join your goblins and skeletons. I find that it also fits in well with (most) six and seven-inch scale lines, too. The Horseman is supposedly a former Hessian soldier, so if he is a bit larger than your typical 1:12 figure, that is probably just fine.

If you are familiar with Legions articulation, you know that this figure poses pretty well, at least as far as being able to get into appropriate Headless Horseman postures. I have seen some people noting a floppy torso joint with their figure, but mine is pretty solid, at least enough to hold its own weight. Most of the joints are able to popped and swapped out, so if you want to mix parts with some skeletons or other Legions figures, you certainly have options.

The figure is outfitted in an era appropriate look, and if he carries over a bit from the Mythic Legions aesthetic, it is in his armored shins. The outfit is mostly monochromatic, but it is accentuated nicely by the purple ascot and white collar, as well as some color embellishments on the belt. He features a very well-executed soft goods cape that is dual colored (black on the outside with a red inside), and is wire-framed for posing options. This fits under the color and held by a nice chain; the cape is really crucial to completing the look of this figure, so I am glad it turned out so well.

Now, the best part of the actual Horseman figure is the accessories and swappable pieces, most notably the heads. He comes armed with a basic sword, and several different hands. One is of particular note because it features a peg designed specifically to hold the Jack-o-Lantern heads, and it works very well. Speaking of the iconic pumpkin heads, you get two here: one standard, and one enveloped with translucent plastic flames. Both of these are absolute bangers, and both also look great attached at the neck, or in the hand of the Horsemen. They did a really nice job in realizing this all-important bit of iconography, and I will be swapping looks back and forth just to enjoy them.

When you are displaying the Jack-o-Lantern head(s) in hand, or in mid-throw or whatever, there is a great “neck stump” piece that plugs into the port on the figure. It is a bit grizzly as it shows off the spot where the neck was chopped (it was actually blow off by a cannon in the original story within the story), so there is some muscle figure and bone faithfully rendered. The display options here are all really fun, so as I said, I will be switching my figure out from time to time, but the Four Horsemen really make the case changing it up. I will probably swap one of the pumpkin heads onto a Legions skeleton figure when not in-use here.

Now, all of the coolness above is amplified by the fact that you also get the requisite horse with this release as well. I mean, what good is a Horseman, not matter how headless, if he doesn’t have a HORSE. This is the standard Mythic Legions horse appropriately painted with red eyes and “glowing” hooves, and it works great. I must admit: I have been wanted to get a Mythic horse for some time, and I actually felt kind of guilty for not having one prior, but this was the PERFECT opportunity to finally break that seal. The horse is just as impressive as the Horseman himself, and it is solid with GREAT articulation and poseablity.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the awesome box art by Nate Baerstch, too. He always does such a great job with is Horsemen collaborations in this one is no exception. In fact, this might be my favorite one yet as the art establishes a moodiness and haunting quality right away. Plus, that front flap comes off and can work as a backdrop for your shelf. It’s a really nice touch.

Whew! Honestly, I cannot think of a better way to celebrate the Halloween season for me, and I really love this figure. It is most certainly in the conversation for my favorite figure of the year, that is for sure. The Four Horsemen knocked this Headless Horseman out of the park, and honestly, it leaves me wanting more. If they wanted to release and Ichabod Crane with his horse Gunpowder to compliment this figure, I would be over the moon. For now, a member of the Marvel Legends Hellfire Club will just have to stand in for him. Hopefully you were able to pick this up when it was for sale, it is just so much fun.

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