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Mattel: Masters of the Universe Masterverse New Eternia Beastman

Everyone’s favorite evil lackey is getting a BIG upgrade in the Masterverse line. The New Eternia take on Beastman brings him into the deluxe figure territory, and he has been making some serious gains since his previous release.

I remain dizzy over the current popularity and product slate for Masters of the Universe. There are no fewer than three action figure lines going right now (even more if your application of the term “action figure” is a bit more broad), and we are getting a range of pure nostalgia to all-new and everything in between. I think of the Masterverse line as the “in-between” line as it is not completely slavish to the vintage aesthetic (like Origins, which I absolutely ADORE), but is not completely reimagined like the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon.

That said, Beastman has been amped up in this New Eternia version – and while he casts a much larger shadow, I find this figure much more true to the original design than the previous Masterverse figure. It has been a rollercoaster for with Masterverse – at first I was high on the line, then not at all; but now, thanks to figure like this, I am getting excited about the possibilities again. A lot of the new figures look really great, so I am looking forward to the likes of Stratos, Pighead, Man-E-Faces, and Frosta.

This new Beastman certainly warrants the deluxe release execution, and aside from being the biggest figure in the line so far (not counting Battle Cat), he also includes a bevy of accessories. The color cues remain true to the original, and I am happy to see multiple armor options here, especially after the first Masterverse Beastman was so stripped down. The extra hands are functional, but also unique in that Beastman has some punching power for the first time, and it’s almost hard to believe he has spent his entire plastic existence up to this time without that option.

Now, this figure is almost as wide as he is tall, and if you employ the new-style furry armor, it really comes together nicely. This more hulking size is certainly a nod to the 200x aesthetic, but it still stays true to some of that original iconography as well. Beastman has some massive shoulders, so much so that without this larger armor they look too big. It’s not really a huge deal if you display him as such, but I was considering using the classic style armor instead. That look just isn’t effective for me due to size of the shoulders, but your milage may vary.

I am definitely a fan of the new portrait as it is much more Beastman to me than the previous offering. Face printing is used here and it offers some nice clean details. The headdress is a neat addition, but I think I am going to go without to show off the portrait a bit better. Beastman also gets a take on his classic whip weapon, as well as new spiked bat, which while neat, doesn’t really click as well for me.

For being such a large figure, Beastman has really nice articulation. I love it when a big figure moves well, and the double knees and elbows are very appreciated, especially since they are all pinless. The torso articulation is nice and strong, as are the rocker ankles, so supporting this behemoth is not an issues.

Giant shoulders aside, this is one of my favorite Masterverse figures. Beastman is really well executed and if he is a harbinger of things to come, that means great things for the line. I am still a Classics guy at heart, and I am having too much fun with Origins, but I am very happy to welcome Masterverse back into the fold, and I eagerly await the next offerings. If you have not gotten Beastman yet, you can grab him from BBTS now.