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Mattel Creations: Fisher-Price Little People Collector MOTU: Skeletor’s Stronghold First Look

Mattel Creations is rapidly expanding to be THE destination for many Mattel collector products. Now, don’t think this means just the classic collector-focused lines – Fisher-Price is getting in on the action with the new Little People Collector Masters of the Universe: Skeletor’s Stronghold.

I am no stranger to procuring Masters of the Universe merchandise via Mattel Creations, but I have to say, this is one of the more unexpected, but certainly welcome surprises. Fisher-Price has been playful with previous releases of collector-oriented properties in their Little People line, I have the Lord of the Rings, Golden Girls, and previous MOTU release, but seeing this form factor on Mattel Creations is really interesting.

As I mentioned, there have been some fun Little People releases via retail channels before, but having this set available exclusively on Mattel Creations is, at the very least, a tacit admission that Little People are definitely a part of the collector landscape, so goodness – the possibilities are endless. I am glad the Masters of the Universe is the first offering of this kind because darn it – I want EVERY MOTU character in this style now.

Mattel has been able to stretch the character line-up for this series without going back to the tooling well. It was expected that He-Man and Skeletor would be a part of this set, but getting Mossman and Faker included is a re-use opportunity harkening all the way back to the vintage line. If this “Skeletor’s Stronghold” set is the success test for seeing more of these sets in the future, I think the character selection is safe, but also really fun.

He-Man and Skeletor are repaints of the previous retail set, but there are some key differences. He-Man is basically the same, but with a lighter flesh color. I think I like pervious version just a bit better due to He-Man’s iconic tan, but this one is good, too. On the other hand, Skeletor is quite different, and I much prefer this one over the previous. Gone is the gold face and metallic deco of the first version, and we have a paint scheme that much more resembles the vintage color scheme.

Faker is, as you would expect, a repaint of He-Man, but I love those bright classic oranges, blues, and purples. Faker is certainly a fan favorite, so he is a great choice to join Skeletor and previously-released Beastman. Speaking of Beastman, that figure gets a repaint into my favorite Heroic Warrior – Mossman! I love that he has been included, and since he is a redeco of Beastman, and the armor is not removable, you get him in the weapons pack yellow armor version, and that is pretty neat. I do wish we would have gotten the side-eye here, or even a flocked finish, but Mossman is still my favorite figure in the set.

If you are a Masters of the Universe fan, you should give this set a look. It is a fun character selection in a fun style that makes for about the most adorable MOTU figures ever. I would love to see this continue to the point of getting at least the original 8-back line-up (that would be Teela, Stratos, Mer-Man, and Zodac), but characters like Trap-Jaw, Evil-lyn, Ram-Man, She-Ra, and a so many others would be great fun. This set is available now at Mattel Creations, so go get yours now.

*Thanks to Fisher-Price for providing this set for an early look