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Hasbro: G.I. Joe Classified Retro Card Lady Jaye

I really loved the first Classified Lady Jaye and don’t really collect carded figures, so when this retro carded Lady Jaye was first rumored, I thought I could easily skip this repaint. I was wrong. When she was solicited, I noticed that there were new accessories in the bubble in addition to the repainted parts and I had to have them. Let’s take a look at Classified Lady Jaye on the retro card!

I didn’t really look closely at the card art when I ordered this because I knew I was tossing it, but I assumed the art would be re-used from the vintage card and was surprised to see it wasn’t. It kind of looks like somebody posed the classified figure after the pose in the original art then painted this card art based on that reference. It’s a fun look. My figure shipped in a bubble mailer so it did get dinged up. I recently received three retro-card figures from Walmart and Gung-Ho came in an unpadded bag, Lady Jaye in a bubble mailer bag, and baroness in a cardboard box with packing material. As you would imagine, Gung-Ho’s card was the most damaged, Lady Jaye’s was a bit better than that, and Baroness was almost perfect. Bottom line, Walmart screwed the pooch on this one for carded collectors. It’s not all Walmart, however. The card stock is pretty flimsy for something that people would want to keep carded. If Hasbro were to revisit this concept, I would suggest they take a page from the Marvel Team’s book and do the double cardboard.

Lady Jaye comes with a nice selection of stuff, some re-used from her original Classified figure and a few new pieces including a figure stand, a camera, a pack, a javelin, a javelin launcher, an alternate javeline tip, and a knife. The figure stand is solid black plastic and has two pegs and an inlaid G.I. Joe star symbol. The pegs work well with the figure, which is not always the case these days.

The knife is re-used from her first figure and is cast in a silvery plastic with a painted black grip. The knife looks a little dull and fits securely in her belt sheathe. I do love tiny removeable weapons in functional sheathes or holsters on figures like this even if the weapon is a little dull, however I do prefer a black plastic with silver paint for the blade than silvery plastic.

The javelin and launcher are also from the first figure except these are cast in silver plastic rather than black and it retains the functionality to switch between a spear tip or a diamond head explosive tip and you can also load the javelin into the launcher.

The camera is new to this figure and a more faithful re-do of the original vintage camera accessory than the go-pro looking equipment from the original Classified figure. It’s mostly green plastic with a little black paint for a lens. On one hand I really get the idea that this is a vintage tribute, so the all green plastic makes sense, but on the other, the lack of detail paint makes it feel a little unfinished.

The pack is probably my favorite accessory. I just love me a good backpack accessory and this one fits on nicely and stays on pretty well though it can get jostled cockeyed when you pose the figure. What I said about the camera paint applies here as well, but it works great as a vintage tribute. I think I’d also like a little functionality so I could open the flap and maybe store the alternate javelin head in there.

The paint is one of the main differences between this figure and the original classified release. The green plastic used for most of the body is a bit brighter and there is a slightly darker green applied to some of the padded costume details that’s pretty subtle. Lady Jaye’s lips are a bit brighter here and her eye makeup darker, so it makes her features pop a bit better. Her hat is also darker and has the vintage patch as well as the vintage patch on her arm. There is a little sloppy paint work on the straps that go over her shoulders.

You can mix an match pieces between this figure and the original or swap the heads entirely if you want to make your ideal Lady Jaye. I particularly like the look of the alternate hair or blue cap from the first figure and cross body strap on this figure and the original figure with this face.

Sculpting and articulation is the same as the original figure which I reviewed here, but to summarize the detail is great and the articulation is very functional. I especially like the smirk of the portrait and the great tilt from the ball and socket head, neck, mid-torso, and waist articulation.

Overall, I’m happy with this repaint as a tribute to the original figure. I like the new accessories and this color scheme, but I don’t think she will replace the original Classified Lady Jaye on my main Joe display shelf and in most pictures. I do like the face deco a bit better, so I may just swap this face onto my original figure.