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Extreme Sets: Crate and Containers Sets Review

If you have been visiting this site over the past several years, you know that Extreme Sets have been a bastion of our photography. The dioramas are essential to our features, and the variety of options help bring a many different worlds to life. Now, Extreme Sets are moving more into the foreground (see what I did there?) with some new packs designed for more interaction and help build your action figure worlds out even more.

I have always been partial to the buildings and alleyways for most of the photoshoots because they work so well with a myriad of lines that I collect. However, I have been expanding more and more into the sci-fi themes as those work great with the likes of Star Wars, MOTU, and ThunderCats. I love the variety that Extreme Sets has been offering since their start with the wrestling themed sets, and with the G.I. Joe: Classified Series line rising to the top as one of my favorite current action figure lines, I have been putting attention to several of the sets that work specifically with them.

The J-806M Pop-Up has been a great set to use as a Cobra base the Joe team can move about and infiltrate, and with these new Crate and Container sets, these have become even more interactive. I really like the crates in this environment, and if you have Animated Port Pop-Up, you already have the perfect environment for the Containers. That said, these sets work great with a variety of environments, and as mentioned, they do wonders to add depth to the display.

The Crate Set features smaller boxes that give you a couple of different wooden crate options, as well as a few munitions containers. These are intricately detailed with specific source material used to create them. They all feature opening lids and can be stacked in the background, or be shlepped by underlings for the machinations of the evil would-be dictators. Here are the specs directly from Extreme Sets:

Get ready to stock up your Pop-Up Diorama with the new Crate Pack accessory set. This new accessory set is sure to add a new dimension to your toy photography experience.  Packed inside are 10 crates that add depth and range to any Pop-Up Diorama. Each crate is highly detailed. The four shipping crates have a nice wood design to them and come in a variety of sizes. The two RPD crates pack heavy damage to any oncoming enemies. If that firepower is not what you are looking for, sell your action figures on the two U.S. CAL. 30 crates for even more explosive fun. And if that is not enough action, your toy photography shot can be enhanced with the two mortar crates. Whatever crate you choose your next toy photo shot for, make sure this crate set is part of the action.

The RPD crates are probably my favorite from a pure aesthetic point of view, but the wooden crates probably the the most universal application as they look at home in a secret base, port, or alleyway. The previously mentioned Joe figures go great with these, and Destro’s weaponry is right at home in these cases. I am probably going to need another set of these, to be honest simply because I really like being able to being more interaction with world to my figures, and these are perfect for that.

The Container Crate builds off of a concept that was introduced with the now sold out Animated Port Pop-Up set. I really like the idea of these “cans” (RIP, Frank Sobotka) being a part of my display environments not only for their intended purpose, but also the self-aware winkto the fact that almost all action figures make their way to us in these shipping containers. This set contains a few different colors to add variety to your port of other environment. Here is the official take from the Extreme Sets site:

Why travel down to the shipping yard looking for a container, when the new Container Pack set can bring your action figures goods to you in this huge pack. That’s right, each one of these shipping containers is huge and ready for you to recreate in seconds a toy photo where all the goods are stored. Three containers are included in this set, each with its own design and color. Each of the highly detailed containers is huge in scale, and perfect for action figure photography next to, in front of, inside, or on top. Not only that but with opening doors, what you can store inside is up to your imagination. And did we mention stacking? That is right, each of these containers is stackable with another one from the set. Do not miss out on this set, because once it is on the boat, it won’t be unloaded again.

These are scaled to be correct with your 1:12-ish scales figures from a height and width, but they are not the standard length of a normal shipping container and I cannot say it loudly enough that I am VERY glad for that. Honestly, these would be unmanageable at that either 20 or 40 inches to make that true scale. This way, the cube shape does give some depth, but allows for easier integration into a display shelf or photo set. They go well with each other (as well as those previously released), and since the doors open, you figures can bring the background into the foreground and move in and out of them. Also, they are large enough to be the background for tight shots, so you do not have to have a giant backdrop. So, in a way, these are objects, but also dioramas, so that makes for a lot of possibilities. 

These new sets are a lot of fun and can bring a LOT to a display or photo set. We will be taking a look at some of the new Extreme Sets releases over the coming weeks, so keep it right here. These are both available for purchase now, so head to the Extreme Sets website to get them.

*Thanks to the team at Extreme Sets for providing these sets for a feature.

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