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Boss Fight Studio: Saurozoic Warriors Now Available For Pre-Order

You have seen them teased, now the dinos are ready to be unleashed! Boss Fight Studio has opened pre-orders for the Saurozoic Warriors series one, and great goofily-moogily they look incredible.

Dinosaur. Warriors. If you need more than that to buy into a toy line, I don’t have anything for you. However, the fact that these are absolutely gorgeous puts them on a whole other level. Check out all the details from BFS below!


via Boss Fight Studio:

65 million years ago Earth’s dinosaurs were scientifically advanced far beyond present-day humanity. Their civilization was peaceful with the goal of understanding the universe and the planet they call home.This golden age was not to last.

Asteroids were detected which doomed their kind. To avoid disaster, they created an unstable warp gate to a distant world with hopes to save who they could. A small fraction of their knowledge, tools, and weapons made it with the elite citizens to establish a new civilization on Sauria. Tales of Earth became myth and legend.

Sauria’s powerful lords jealously guard what remains of the tech that survived. There is a growing rebel movement across Sauria seeking to throw off the shackles of tyranny. Soon a spark will ignite a fire that may consume the entire world…


On the surface, Range Brakhion is your normal “gun for hire.” In truth, he is a spy for his tribe, The Sauropods. Hunting Triax Skiver under the guise of a paid quest, his true goal is to find Triax, and steal the materials for his people.

 With hopes of leading his people someday after this huge victory, Range searches the land for Triax, armed for the upcoming battle with a poison-tipped knife, rocket axe, blaster rifle, and armor. 


A member of the vicious Therapod tribe, Marr Ossis (aka Marr-O) takes the dirtiest jobs no one else wants with allegiance to whomever is paying most handsomely. 

His latest bounty is to capture the rogue Triax Skiver and return the stolen goods to the lords who horde them. To keep him focused on task, he’s been given some of the advanced weapons guarded so jealously by the lords. 

While not particularly bright, Marr is a  cruel fighter, using his brute force along with blades and razor-sharp back spines slice his enemies. Marr Ossis arrives equipped for a good fight with a knife, brand new mega blaster and armor. 


Handpicked by the leader of the Ceratopsian tribe, members of the Ceratops Guard pledge absolute loyalty to their leader. For generations they have policed the lands, ensuring the strict rules are obeyed by the powerless. After their former captain Triax Skiver fled with the valuable contents from the vaults, they pursued relentlessly until the trail went cold. Angry at their inability to capture one they thought they knew, they doubled their efforts to find other criminals. They arrest and punish all who dare complain about living and working conditions. 

Hunting criminals in packs, the guards are relentless. Anger grows in the city, however the guards are armed with the finest and most powerful weapons available and none have tried to rise against them… yet. 

While rarely seen alone, each guard is outfitted handsomely with their own spear, blaster pistol, knife, 2 smoke grenades, gas mask, and armor. 


Once a Ceratops Guard serving his tribal leader, Triax Skiver discovered a dark secret; his leader was hoarding knowledge and technology that could improve the lives of everyone in Sauria. Not content to just sit by, he stole as many of the forbidden plans and tools as he could carry and left the city in the dead of night. Now with a bounty on his head, unable to return home, Triax Skiver tries to stay one step ahead of those who chase him. He’s heard tales of a hidden society of exiled scholars and teachers and won’t rest until he finds them and brings the knowledge he stole to help all the citizens of Sauria. 

A world-renowned warrior, Triax Skiver uses a variety of custom ammunition in his revolver to take down his opponents. He arrives ready for battle with a Halberd ax, two blaster pistols, a knife, 2 smoke grenades, and armor. 

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  1. Loving the designs and bright neon colors. These look as if they could/should have been on store shelves in the early 90s right next to Bucky O’Hare, Toxic Crusaders and TMNT.

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