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Hasbro: Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Pirantishead

Nothing gets me clicking that pre-order button for a Lightning Collection figure like a monster, and this is one of the cooler monster designs I’ve seen, so I ordered Pirantishead as soon as I could. Let’s take a look at this massive piranha-monster figure!

I do really enjoy the Lightning Collection packaging due to the lovely art that wraps around the front of the box by Tom Whalen. It’s so unique and cool.

Pirantishead comes with four swappable hands (two claw, one fist, and one grip), fish-themed nunchaku, and an energy effect. The hands swap easily and stay on well and the claw hands are perfect for monster-y grasping and clawing. I do wish there were two grip hands for more nunchaku holding, but the claw hands can hold it on the more fish end of the handle.

The nunchaku is one piece with a flexible plastic chain between them. The character uses the weapon as a flute in the episode and I feel like the chain could stand to be a little longer.

The flexible chain does allow for some mid-swing poses and the swoosh effect can be added to one end of the fish-chaku or the hand.

The sculpting is fantastic here with great textures in all the scales, wrinkles, and folds all over the creature’s body and perfectly monstrous proportions.

The articulation is also great and features:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Swivel biceps and thighs
  • Hinged lower torso and butterfly pecs
  • Ball and socket head, mid-torso, and tail
  • Double hinged knees and elbows

I like how the swivel/hinge is a floating hinge which swivels at the foot an the shin and allows for great movement and stability. The shoulder hinges are really tight, but if you can get them to move, the shoulder fins are separate pieces and will move out of the way. The head is two pieces and the jaw rests in-between the ball and socket head sort of like a collar. It allows the top of the head to hinge open and closed and swivel a bit, which is a lot more movement than I would have thought this design could have. I do wish the grip hand had a vertical hinge so he could hold the nunchaku in a pointing pose.

The paint is good is spots with a nice overspray on the chest that blends the white belly with the blue of the back and some nice pink on some of the fin tips. It is missing some pink overspray around the shoulder fins. It could also use a little blending between the very blue hands and the very white arms.

Overall, this is a really fun and super poseable figure that’s really only held back by a couple of missing paint hits.