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Boss Fight Studio: Court of the Dead Kier and Gethsemoni

I have become passingly familiar with Court of the Dead over the years via trips through what I like to call the Sideshow Toys museum exhibit at SDCC (almost) every year. I do enjoy looking at the intricate statues and beautiful character designs, but I always left my interest there at SDCC because I do not have the budget or space for statues. Thankfully Boss Fight Studio has made entry into the Court of the Dead a little easier with their 3.75 inch scale line. Let’s take a look at Kier and Gethsemoni!

The packaging is quite nice with some lovely artwork on the side, a big window for the figure up front and slick glamor shots on the back. I like that they added a cross-sell too. The box itself has a very high-quality feel to it.

Gethsemoni comes with two sets of hands (grip and open), a knife, a figure stand and a creepy little demon homunculus baby. Kier comes with two sets of hands (grip and open), a sword, a removeable cape, an alternate head, a figure stand and translucent wings. The stands are good to have, but the pegs are a little big for the super tiny feet and can’t peg all the way down.

The knife fits solidly in Gethsemoni’s grip hands and has some really nice bone texture for such a tiny little accessory.

The open hands for both figures are great for spell casting and gesturing and pop on with a little effort.

Gethsemoni’s weird, buff little demo-baby is disturbing in just the right way. He looked like just a slug figure at first glance, but there is a little bit of poseability with a ball-joint in the neck. He’s got a great, nasty, oily wash that just highlights his terribleness in a wonderful way.

It’s tough to top that demon skull mask, but Kier’s alternate head has a great, fierce expression and flexible hair that stays out of the way of the cape and wings.

The wings plug into the back and can hinge and swivel for some decent poseability. They are a bit on the heavy side for such a light figure, but the translucent plastic on these highly detailed feathery wings is just beautiful.

Kier’s sword is also really well done with astonishing detail and great metallic finish. The handle is long enough and the articulation works so well that she can get into tons of awesome sword holding poses.

Sculpting on these two is just wonderful. I’m not an expert on the line, but it looks to me like it re-uses their H.A.C.K.S base body with the outfits as add-on parts. It works great and the additional pieces have so much lovely detail. The bodice on Kier has this amazingly intricate detail and the craggy skull sculpting on her mask is ridiculously cool. I also love the detail work on all of Gethsemoni’s bracelets and the metal parts of her costume. The clothing being really thin pieces added on to the figure also gives them an extra bit of detail pop.

Since these two are pretty lightly clothed and the outfits are all separate pieces cast in soft plastic it allows for great poseability. Sometimes the skirts want to ride up a bit when posing, but otherwise the clothing pieces stay out of the way. The ball and socket barbell joint at the head has some of the best range of motion I’ve ever seen in a figure and it makes me honestly a little mad at other companies who don’t deliver that same range. Both figures have:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, hips, wrists, and ankles
  • Ball and socket head and mid-torso
  • Swivel waist and thighs
  • Double-hinged knees.

Paint is also really good for this size of a figure. I especially like how they used washes effectively to bring out those great costume details. I really like the way Kier’s feet and hands are soaked in blood red that fades as it goes up her arms and legs, but I do wish there were a couple of splatter hits like on the box artwork.

Overall I like these two figures a lot. I don’t really collect this scale, but I’m super impressed at how these beat out the movement and paints of most six inch scaled collector figures on these tiny little characters. I’m in for whatever they make from this line and I could go for six inch versions. If you don’t have an appreciation for Court of the Dead, I could see these comfortably sliding into a lot of 3.75 inch lines.

Thanks to Boss Fight for sending these samples along for review. Pre-orders are shipping now and some in-stock figures will be up on soon.

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