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Fwoosh Weekly! Ep245: Fortnite, Star Wars, Bruce Lee, Roboskull, Masters of the Universe, Krampus more!

I come off a grumpy with the Star Wars rambling, but I’m not. But I am. But I’m not. There’s also some happy Hasbro Fortnite and Transformers talk, Bandai Sailor Moon, Super7 Bruce Lee ULTIMATES!, Roboskull, Mattel Masters of the Universe, and Figura Obscura Krampus!

Four Horsemen Figura Obscura Krampus

Mattel Masters of the Universe Masterverse Revelation King Grayskull and Teela


Super7 Bruce Lee ULTIMATES Wave 1

Bandai SH Figuarts Eternal Sailor Moon

Hasbro Transformers Fan First Friday Reveals

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Walmart Boba Fett Tython Jedi Ruins and Fan First Wednesday

Hasbro Fortnite Victory Royale Series TNTina with Glider and Deluxe Mancake

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