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Top 5: Comic Book Characters for G.I. Joe Classified

I’ve been reading and re-reading Larry Hama’s seminal run on the G.I. Joe comic since the Classified line came on the scene and it’s given me a real hankering for figures based on some of the more prominent characters from that run that didn’t come from the original toy line. Here’s my top 5 most wanted comic book based G.I. Joe characters I’d like to see in Classified.

#5 Dawn Moreno

Dawn was a Cobra kid who went through some Brainwave Scanner time and lucked into all of Snake Eyes’ skills and maybe not so luckily, his memories. Anyway she switched sides and is now a female version of Snake Eyes for the Joe team. Summarized like this, I kinda hate the idea, but Hama somehow makes it work in the book and the outfit is killer and would make a great figure.

#4 Billy Kessler

Speaking of Brainwave scanners, poor Billy Kessler, the son of Cobra Commander, has been through the brainwave wringer. After attempting to kill his father, Stormshadow took him under his wing and trained him to be a ninja. The poor kid lost an eye and leg in various storylines, so he’s a cyborg ninja with an eye patch. I think a cool figure could be made from that idea for sure. Billy did get a figure in the collector line and I wouldn’t mind something along those lines or maybe a whole new take.

#3 Horror Show

I know what you’re thinking. Horror Show has had figures. Yes he’s had multiple very nice looking figures, but I’ll always think of him as a comic book character even though he also appeared in the cartoon. Besides, I was out of the Joe game when he got his figure. I want the whole Oktober Guard, but Horror Show is hands down my favorite, with his imposing stature, heavy artillery, amazing mustache and funky hat. I love his method for dealing with Croc Master’s pets in G.I. Joe Yearbook #3 (he feeds them high explosives).

#2 Kwinn

I was so happy to see Kwinn make it into the Super 7 line, but I don’t collect that scale and I can’t hang with 5 POA so I need a Classified version of him. A mercenary with a strict code of honor, I love his intro story and he would go great with a wave of snow themed Joe figures, but I could also go for him in his khaki shorts he wore when fighting Dr. Venom. There have also been Kwinn figures in the modern era, but they don’t quite capture the bulk of the character for my money. I think Classified can get it done.

#1 Dr. Venom

This guy is the basis of so much of the Larry Hama run as inventor of the Plague Toxin and Brainwave Scanner. He’s Cobra’s evil scientist from before Mindbender showed up and he’s such an evil prick that he makes Cobra Commander seem personable. The design is just a dude in a lab coat, which might be kind of dull, but it could be jazzed up with the inclusion of the Brainwave scanner. He does feel like the longest shot in a list of long shots, so that’s part of why I put him at number one and am acquiring parts for a custom.

That’s my list of comic-based figures I’d like to see in Classified. Who do you want? Let me know in the comments!