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Legendary Focus: Razor Fist

In some ways, specifically toy-buying ways, I am a simple man, with simple pleasures. You show me a guy whose hands are blades, I nod, stroke my imaginary beard and say “yes, this is a thing I must purchase.”

Razor Fist is such a person.

We are living in an era of wonders, where characters like Razor Fist are no longer hiding in the shadowed recesses of comic pages. Razor Fist is a movie star.

To repeat: Razor Fist is a mothertrucking movie star. An honest to gosh big budget Disney-financed Marvel Studios-backed movie star. His fight against Shang-Chi (the character) in Shang-Chi (the movie) will be forever imprinted on the legacy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  

Kind of makes you proud, doesn’t it?

Era of wonders.

If we are living in this golden age where such things can occur, then it is time for Razor Fist to get an action figure.

My first exposure to Razor Fist was several years after his debut. His initial appearances were slightly before my comic-reading time in the earliest issues of Master of Kung Fu. There have actually been a handful of characters featuring that name. The first one had both hands removed and replaced with blades, forever complicating poop time. He didn’t last long, however the legacy of knife hands was too strong to stay dead.

The second go-around for Razor Fist was in the form of two brothers, each of whom only having a single blade instead of dual blades. The cinematic Razor fist follows this example with his single blade.

Destiny would have another idea in store for these two, as one brother would die and the second would have his other hand replaced with cold steel, bringing the entire saga full circle, and turning every jar of mayonnaise into a mortal enemy. Sure, he can spread it, but he can’t open it. It’s like the Gift of the Magi, if O’Henry had acrotomophilia.

With Razor Fist back to being a two-bladed whirlwind of carrot-slicing terror, the character would go on to have a very sporadic and random comic book life, eventually going up against Wolverine, in a match made in heaven. Six smaller blades versus two larger blades? Not even the most devout practitioner of abstinence from onanism could last against that kind of peculiar piquerism.

His fight with wolverine within the pages of the anthology series Marvel Comics Presents is where my contact with the character began. He strode onto the battlefield like a guy that can open the hell out of an envelope and made wolverine his bitchblade, skewering him and leaving him for dead. Wolverine was all “Ouch” and Razor fist was all “GINSU” and it was awesome.

I’ve wanted a Razor fist figure ever since. And it’s only now when that seems less a complete impossibility and more a…slightly less impossibility.

Razor Fist usually looks roughly the same, with some kind of stretchy leotard thing. Sometimes his thighs are exposed, sometimes they aren’t. I personally believe if a guy has swords for hands he can dress any way he likes, so I’d like to see the exposed thighs, but they can be covered if you want.

As a bonus, since I bought the entire Shang-Chi wave anyway, I’d like for them to get around to making an MCU version of the character also. We got a Death Dealer figure, and Razor fist had just as much importance to the overall spectacle as him. Hopefully they’ll get around to both. In these troubled, topsy-turvy times, the world needs as many dudes with blades for hands as it can get.