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S.H. Figuarts The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

As a huge fan, and proud owner of the previous S.H. Figuarts release of Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad (not to be confused with the second film, The Suicide Squad), I had high hopes for this figure. That first figure was great and is still one of my favorite figures in my entire collection. The likeness, sculpt, colors and accessories were all top notch. This figure looked pretty good from the pics, so my hopes were high. Unfortunately this figure just doesn’t have the same magic the first one did.

Now this is not a bad figure, or one that I immediately wanted to toss in the trash. Perhaps my expectations were too high, and I’m being overly harsh because I wasn’t blown away by it. I just feel like there are some definite missing details or paint apps that could have been done so much better.

Let’s start from the top. The packaging is basic S.H. Figuarts stuff. Smaller than you’d expect box with a clear window to see what you’re getting. Logos and pics of the figure on the side, and a big pic of Margot Robbie as Harley from the film on the front.

The thing that disappointed me right off the bat was her face. Or faces on her two heads. She comes with two heads, and neither quite capture what I want her to look like. If one could have captured her bat-shit crazy look from the front of the packaging that would have been perfect. As it turns out one head is too plain and the other is too over the top.

The crazed head is okay but I’d like something better from the second head. She looks as bored as I am with this figure. I mean why even make this head? When is Harley ever just expressionless? How about an evil grin face? Or a smirk face? Just anything would have been better than this bored head. Also, the hair line seems a tad high giving her a bit of a five head.

As for accessories this is another point of contention for me. She comes with a lot of different hands, but nothing to use in all these different hand shapes. No guns, no knives, no bats, and somehow no javelin? There’s even a hand that looks built just to hold the javelin too. It makes me think that something else must be coming down the line that will include it. She comes with braid holding hands, javelin holding hand, oops I farted hands, fists, and trigger finger hands to hold an invisible gun.

As far as pose-ability goes she’s good. Ball jointed head and neck. Butterfly shoulders, with a swivel and hinge. Double elbows and knees. Ball jointed torso, waist and hips with a second swivel built in to allow for spread legs. Ankles are on a ball and swivel too, but they don’t work quite as well as rocker ankles do. All combines you can get her into some cool action poses. Playability isn’t an issue here at all.

Now, while some stuff like accessories are lacking, she definitely is a nice sculpt. So this doesn’t feel like a cheap figure, and definitely has an import feel to her. I would like better heads but the costume details and little parts of her buckles and leather stand out. Her goggles are well sculpted and her individual rings and jewelry are nice.

As for scale, she’ll fit in with other 1/12 scaled lines pretty well. You could make her fit in with Legends, Classics, or other DC or Marvel movie figures.

So overall this is not a bad figure at all. It’s just not the grand slam home run that the original Harley from Suicide Squad was. The good news is that weapons for her to use are easy to find and can fit well in her hands. It’s just that she should have come with at least something to use as a weapon. If you’re a DC movie universe collector, or a fan of Harley she’s worth picking up. The costume is cool and you can always swap in weapons or other heads.

Thanks for checking out this article and if you’re interested in her you can scoop her up at Big Bad Toy Store.