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Kickstarter: 9 to 5 Warriors Action Figures

Re-capturing that Saturday Morning Cartoon Magic with 90s Inspired Action Figures, Wax Pack Trading Cards, Comics and more!

via Kickstarter: Let’s first take a moment to remember the 90s – the Ninja Turtles, Transformers, X-men and so much more!  It was a time when Saturday mornings were spent glued to the tv with a bowl of sugary goodness and our toys were the perfect companions for our imagination.

9 to 5 Warriors aims to recapture all of that creative magic by becoming a new toy line for the generation growing up today and the Toys R’ Us kids who never grew up. Use us as an excuse to play with your food and bring boring office supplies to life!

So this is where you guys come in, we need your help bringing the first two characters to life as awesome 3 ¾” action figures.   

We have the prototypes ready to go and working with an amazing company who has created some of the best action figures to date. Tooling cost and production is a pricy endeavor but with your pledge we can take the battle off the screen and on to your desk.

Read story of how it all came to life, and back this project today!

2 thoughts on “Kickstarter: 9 to 5 Warriors Action Figures

  1. Well it doesn’t look likely it will succeed…Or a single person cares to join the discussion. They needed better character art and I think the colors needed tweaking. News Flash. Purple is not all that appealing. IT DOMINATES BOTH OF THE FLAGSHIP CHARACTERS. But looks like nobody cares about this so I’ll stop trying to help. Bye 9 to 5. I backed the project but I think the sculptor is better off moving onto a better project. You want a successful project? DM me.

  2. The scuplting so great. They took the artwork to another level. Not a huge fan of the designs so I don’t know what to expect. I wish I could consult on the character art.

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