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Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Aurra Sing Review

Well, this is certainly the week for new Star Wars figures – it seems like it has been FOREVER. In the doldrums of the announcements of constant repaints and releases, I had almost forgotten that Aurra was due to release in this new wave. It is a fun and, at this point, almost novel concept getting new characters in the Black Series. We need more of this!

Aurra has been a fan-favorite for a long time, and her story has been directly and indirectly fleshed out in the canonical Star Wars universe since her cameo in The Phantom Menace. She is rightfully being released under the Clone Wars banner as it that where she has had the most screen time, but Solo provided some closure on the character that I am sure gave you a good laugh, or a very strong opinion. However, she carriers on the proud tradition of SW bounty hunters, so as an action figure, she is ready for all kinds of off-world adventures.

I wasn’t overblowing it when I said it is really nice to get a new character in The Black Series. I love Star Wars so much, so building out this diverse universe is still something I absolutely love doing, even if it has been frustrating as of late. Aurra is a striking figure with a unique character design (even within the SW pantheon), so if you are building up that bounty hunter display, she is definitely going to add some new flavor. Just don’t let her turn her back on Beckett or any other Woody Harrelson figures you might have your collection. I feel like a team up with Dengar and Jaxxon is probably in order, but I am still workshopping that.

Overall, Aurra is a great figure, and pretty typical in terms of what you should expect from a current Black Series figure. The sculpting work is very nice, the articulation is useful, and the engineering/quality is really strong. Her bone-white complexion against her orange costume, and creepy long fingers highlights a lot of the strengths of this line. I mean, I love my regular human characters, but the aliens are where it is at with SWB, and Aurra gives those strengths a nice place to shine. 

I like that she has the more traditional double knee joints instead of that other hinge and swivel point that has been commonly used as of late. I don’t think there is really a comparison between the two in terms of range of movement and poseablity, so these definitely win out from a movement standpoint. The photo-real printing on her face is also some of the best we have seen from the Black Series in a while, and while it does still have a bit of a shine to it, it is not nearly as apparent as it is with some of the more traditional human skin tones in the line. Maybe it is the chalky complexion that helps obscure that more, but I don’t notice the sheen nearly as much here. The dark purple and black around the eyes add a nice dimension, too.

For accessories, Aurra has her two twin blasters, which can be stored in the leg holsters, and her rifle. I like the blasters and the little detail of how they have two finger holes near the trigger to accommodate her long fingers. The rifle though, look – I get that it is iconic to the character, but it is borderline ridiculous. I mean, I think it is past borderline because it is taller than she is. She can hold it across her body okay, and it can hang off of her back, but posing her with it in a convincing fashion is a bit of a challenge. I am glad they included it, I mean, they had to, but it is not really my speed. 

Hey! New Star Wars characters in the Black Series are really fun! Aurra Sing is really fun! Getting new characters in the line remind me how much I really love SWB when it is hitting on all cylinders. Actually, she is part of a series that also includes Q-90 and Tech, oh, and General Lando so – yay! Yes, we have seen a lot of Retro and Archive re-releases and Credit Collection repaints as of late, but man, these new guys are great. You can order this wave at Dorkside, so go do it.