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Official Fwoosh 2021 G.I.Joe Classified Top Ten Poll Results

The first ever Fwoosh G.I. Joe Classified top ten poll is in the books and the results are ready to go! The clasified line is only a little over a year and half in, so you had to imagine that these results would end up with quite a few heavy hitters instead of some of the deep cuts that we all want to see make it in eventually.

But that’s cool! Even if the results are kind of unsurprising, it’s still loaded with must haves and characters that I have loved for over thirty years. Plus, the next five to ten out are just as awesome as the top ten to me. So hopefully everyone got one or more of their wants into the top ten or at least had a good showing. Well let’s get to it!

As I’ve been doing I just want to recognize the characters who just missed the top ten cut. Man, these are all must have figures for me. Dr. Mindbender, Chuckles, Cobra B.a.t., Classic Storm Shadow and Snowjob all just missed the cut by four votes or less. So damn close Chuckles! Like I said though, top ten or not these are all must haves to me.

Starting our top ten off is one of my definite top ten votes. If they can make him anywhere close to the masterpiece that was the 3 3/4 Pursuit of Cobra line figure, I’ll be elated. He must come with a rifle that disassembles, a bag full of gear so that he can survive for days as he waits out his target, and of course his golden locks.

10. Low-Light

Next is another big want of mine. Oh who am I kidding they’re all big wants of mine. She’s a complete baddass who has managed to hold her own while living a life among pirates and thieves. She’s Zartan’s sister and don’t forget, Mainframe’s crush. Plus her crazy weapon wouldn’t even be a problem to get the green light from Hasbro. Hopefully when she gets made, they keep with the Zartan plan and make her look just like the original figure.

9. Zarana

I’m kinda surprised this guy didn’t finish higher to tell you the truth. Then again, I know some people have an issue with him because he’s not “realistic enough” or too “campy”. I say those people don’t know how to party. He’s literally built from the baddest badasses to ever walk this Earth! Damn right I want a figure of him, and make it a deluxe with is sled! Just not Target exclusive please.

8. Serpentor

Number seven surprised the hell out of me. I mean, I know she’s been around since almost the start, but I didn’t realize she was this popular. But then again, who wouldn’t want a figure of a super hot chick who decided modelling was just too boring, so she joined the army and became a heavy armor expert as well as a great undercover agent?

7. Cover Girl

Whenever we do get these guys in the classified line, I have to imagine they’re going to look freaking amazing. Just make sure they have a removable helmet, and some cool gear. I also imagine the classified version will look alot like the version on the right. Iconic nut modernized a bit.

6. Crimson Guard

Starting the top five out is our third female of the top ten. She’s been training since she was seven as a martial artist and in some incarnations is Storm Shadow’s cousin. I’d imagine she would get the “classified” treatment and end up with some padding and armor to her red outfit. Whatever they do, I would buy every version of her they make.

5. Jinx

At the fourth spot I kinda fudged it. Even though one of these guys somehow got one more vote than the other one, you just know they’re going to be in a two pack when they eventually get released. I mean how can you have one without the other?

4. Tomax and Xamot

Coming in third place is maybe my number one want, or at the very least number two. So clearly you guys need to rethink your choices. Three is way too low! When he does get made I hope they make him as close to his original look as possible. It was always so unique and stood out from the other joes with their mostly greens and blacks. He better come with Freedom too.

3. Spirit Iron-Knife

Finishing a strong second is surprisingly the only member of the original thirteen on this list. He’s definitely one of my favorite joes, and I went through three different figures of him as a kid because I played with him so much. Most of my Joe battles ended with him and Snake Eyes saving the day in the end. Hopefully his classified version keeps his sweet cammo pattern and of course his beret.

2. Stalker

And finally the winner of the first Fwoosh G.I. Joe Classified top ten poll is :


A surprise? Maybe, but everyone loves Shipwreck. He was a major character in the cartoon as his personality really stood out and he was a key character in alot of the storylines. I just figured someone else would get more votes in the top ten, but hey I’d take him for sure. I wonder how they would update him into the classified look? Maybe something like his Rise of Cobra figure with his more Navy Seal look? I’d be down for his OG sailor look for sure too though. Just make sure he comes with Polly.

So that’s it! What did y’all think? Did your choices make the list or not? Hate the list? Love the list? Comment below and let us know, or head on over to the forums and discuss it here.