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HLJ: Arkham Knight, Tifa Lockheart, & More Hot Collectibles This Week

Fwoosh sponsor HobbyLink Japan counts down the top collectibles of the week!

No.1 Amazing Yamaguchi Arkham Knight

No.2 Play Arts Kai Tifa

No.3 MINI Gokin Gigantor


No.4 Deforeal Godzilla (1989)

No.5 PROGENITOR EFFECT MCT-J02 Kai no Tora Shingen Takeda Alloy Action Figure

No.6 Zoids: HMM RZ-028 Blade Liger AB

No.7 Shiranui Imperial Japanese Army Full Option Set

No.8 HAF Aoranger Kiranger

No.9 Eastern Model A.T.K Girl Serket Plastic Model (No first-time benefits)

No.10 Combat Armor Dougram 40th Anniversary Collector’s Box

No.11 Shiranui Imperial Japanaese Army

No.12 MS GENERAL JT-02 Saiyu-senki Monkey King Plastic Model

No.13 Tiny Mechatro WeGo BOX 3: 1Box (6pcs)

No.14 MODEROID Dangaioh (Hyper Combat Unit Dangaioh)

No.15 MODEROID Ikaruga (Knight’s & Magic) (Reissue)