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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Xemnu Wave AIM Scientist Supreme Review

I wasn’t necessarily clamoring for a Scientist Supreme, but as with many things the toy is much more interesting in hand.

When news of a Bad Guy wave first broke, I had higher expectations than what the wave turned into. I wasn’t averse to the choices, but I had other characters in mind that took precedence. Some were more than welcome—Red Skull and Dormammu—and the BAF was a huge surprise, but some of the other characters were more along the line of “ok, that exists.”

That being said, I do have a triplet of AIM soldiers (and I might buy more if Hasbro Pulse restocks) so getting someone to lead that group now feels appropriate, especially since I do like the particular “Beekeeper Extreme” look that the he has.

Scientist Supreme has some limb reuse from that animated style modern Taskmaster figure coupled with a new torso and crotch region. The previously used limbs have a great range of motion and the new torso has a decent amount of range in its wobble joint. Overall the figure is very well articulated for being a guy in armor.

The head movement might be the most impressive part of everything. Despite have a huge oversized helmet, there’s a double ball joint that gets a very nice range, allowing him to rotate his head all around like a loose-necked freak.

The regular AIM guys come in a plainer yellow color scheme, but the Scientist Supreme has a golden armored look (befitting a leader) that is pulled off by the swirlescent plastic. I think it does a decent job in achieving the desired aesthetic.

The touches of blue on his chest and belt symbols are all clean, and there’s a particularly nice speckle effect on the blue of his helmet. There are a couple of dings on the blue of his mouthguard.

The Scientist Supreme comes with only one accessory, which is his…techno-clipboard or something. It’s a holographic display type of deal that all the big brains use in comics. Unless it’s an oversized memory card. Either way, it looks quite cool when you hit it with some light to perk it up. I would have liked to have seen some kind of funky weapon of some kind, just because it feels like it would have been a little more interesting than the powerpoint presentation thing he has.

Of course he doesn’t actually have trigger fingers if he were to come with a weapon, so maybe this was for the best…

Overall, for a figure that didn’t quite make me as excited as someone like Dormammu, it still managed to be an excellent addition to the collection. Getting nameless army building grunts in the line is obviously always welcome, but it’s also nice to get the dude that bosses them around as well. You know, the guy who points at things and says stuff like “kill them” and “kill them now” and “why aren’t you killing them yet.”