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Fwoosh Weekly! Ep212: Star Wars, Marvel Legends, SilverHawks, DC, Fortnite, Voltron, Plunderlings more!

Quick and dirty Weekly, that is neither quick nor dirty. Let’s Talk Hasbro with Star Wars, Power Rangers, Ghostbusters, and Marvel Legends, along with McFarlane DC Multiverse and Spawn, Plunderlings, Boss Fight Studios, Rumble Society, Sentinel Into the Spider-Verse, MAFEX Avengers, and quite a few teases!

Boss Fight Studio Popeye Paintmaster

Jada Toy Universal Monsters

Lone Coconut Plunderstrong

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Green Lantern Hal Jordan vs Dawnbreaker, Death Metal Batman, Suit of Sorrows Azrael and White Knight Batcycle

McFarlane Toys Spawn Violator Sculpt

Mezco One:12 Collective Rumble Society Hoodz Vapor

Jazwares Fortnite Legendary Series Blackheart, Scratch, and Scuba Jonesy

Super7 SilverHawks ULTIMATES!

Super7 GIJoe Tease

NECA Gremlins Tease

Blitzway 5Pro Studio Non Scale Carbotix VOLTRON Reveal

Sentinel SV-Action Marvel Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Peter Parker

Medicom MAFEX Marvel Avengers Endgame Iron Man Mark 85 Upgrade and Captain Marvel Tease

Hasbro Marvel Legends Loki Agent Mobius and Compound Hulk

Hasbro Ghostbusters Plasma Series Glow In the Dark Upgrades

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Cel Shaded Pink Ranger and Pink Ranger Two Pack

Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Archive Wave, Rogue One reissues, Galen Erso, Antoc Merrick