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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Disney+ Loki Review

Don’t get me wrong, I love Captain(s) America, Thor, Grandmaster, Rocket Raccoon, Vision, Captain Marvel, and all the rest, but… if I am being honest, Loki might just be my favorite overall Marvel Cinematic Universe character. So, needless to say, I am completely psyched for the new Disney+ show starting next month. Also, I am very pleased to have the brand new figure to support what is likely to be an insane story.

I have admittedly dropped back in terms of my Marvel Legends MCU collection as of late. I find the figures to be pretty incredible, and I love the MCU, but I have always been more about the iconic comic figures in the line, and that is where I have gone back to focusing on. That said, there are some figures that I would never miss out on, and this Loki is absolutely one of them, even if it is presented in a very unconventional way. I mean, this khaki Lokie dressed like someone’s dad going to work in the 1970s, and frankly, I LOVE it.

I have done my best to not be spoiled by the show because I want to experience it all as it unfolds, but the concept is already sounding completely bonkers and absolutely perfect for Loki. Plus… Owen Wilson. By Odin, the buddy cop comedy possibilities between him and Hiddleston makes beyond giddy. Oh, and that better mean we will be getting Wilson in Marvel Legends now. IT. IS. REQUIRED. Mobius M. Mobius, a Legend for all time.

Speaking of time, Loki got outta dodge and outta the way of Thanos’ wrath just in time to be apprehended but the TVA (Time Variance Authority) for high crimes against the sacred timeline. That might seem like small potatoes compared to all of the other high crimes he has committed just over the span of the MCU timeline, but hey, go with the charge that sticks. Like I said, I am avoiding spoilers, but it appears that he subsequently joins the authority or at least is required to aid them and thus, the new adventures begin. He has been given a rather dull outfit befitting of a dull creature, but I going to bet that there is a good reason for that, and it will play well against Loki’s more bombastic personality.

This figure borrows from the suit/civilian Marvel Legends part library pretty heavily, but also gets the new pieces to ensure the costume is accurate to the source. The legs, shoes, torso, hands, and possibly arms can be found throughout the line, but I believe the jacket piece is all-new, and the flat bottom tie is as well. It is so funny to normally see Loki in a vivid gold and green Asgardian outfit, relegated to a palette of mostly beige and brown here. It makes for what will likely be considered the most drab figure of this Disney+ assortment, but that is the point, and I kind of love it. My one grip is that this figure has some paint flecking on the neck due to the plastic being cast in the shirt color, so be on the lookout for that.

Fortunately, the mundane clothes are offset by Loki’s mischievous expression and wily hairdo. I am such a mark for Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki, and if you never saw anything of him on screen lower than his neck, he would still be absolutely convincing and 100% perfect in the role. Kudos to the Dwight and the Hasbro design team for pulling off the exacting likeness here, because it is the crux of the entire figure. Sure, Loki might be adorned in boring clothes doing work against his will, but that expression is a pure warning that he is not going to be cooperative. I am fully ready for the shenanigans and humor backed up against a pretty heavy concept like keeping a timeline’s integrity. Is it June yet?

As a part of the Marvel Studios/Disney+ assortment, Loki supports the build-a-wing for the newly anointed Captain America, but kind of not really. I am not sure if I will be getting other figures from this assortment, but if I don’t I am glad that Loki actually includes Redwing for his BAF pieces because it is like getting another essential “character” in the package. It was smart putting RW here, I think, and I appreciate that a flight stand was added for the wings as well, so they can pose naturally. Redwing can attach via the backpack plug that will, I assume, fit right on Captain America. Ugh, this is probably going to get me to buy the rest of the wave, isn’t it? I already kinda want Wanda and Vision, and crap, dancing Zemo, too; and you gotta have that new Cap for Redwing, so… well played, Hasbro, well played. 

Guys, if you are a Loki fan (and you absolutely SHOULD be) you likely won’t but should not pass up this figure. It is a delightful counterpoint to every other Loki you already own. For those of you on the fence, I would advise hedging and picking this up because despite the rather drab outfit, it is a fun ML. Plus, you know the upcoming series is gonna be bonkers and probably crazy popular so there will be a run on this guy before you know it. Get your collecting time line under control and order him HERE.