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Loot Crate: “Honor” Crate Exclusive G.I. Joe Scarlett Figure

G.I. Joe is taking center stage in the new Loot Crate offering for this month, and Scarlett is getting her very own exclusive figure!

The theme for the April Core Crate is “Honor” and no group exudes that more than the G.I. Joe gang. Now, you know that Loot Crates generally contain several exclusive items of various shapes and sizes that help support the core theme, but we tend to put most of our attention to the figures. Loot Crate has an exclusive take on Scarlett, and with G.I. Joe in general enjoying a recently renewed push, it is interesting to see the diversity in the products that are being offered. 

Loot Crate has gone with a cute, almost “Chibi” look for this new piece, and it is a fun, but pretty divergent direction for Joes. That uniqueness puts a stamp on this as something that you are likely not going to see from another company, and the clean and straightforward take on the classic design keeps the iconography, but offers a whole new spin. Hasbro is, of course, handling the action figures, so this figure is more a display piece that can supplement a larger Joe collection, or stand on its own as a smaller homage. The style is quite distinct, so I wonder if we are going to see more characters in this range.

This figure is made of plastic, but is not articulated and is affixed to the square logo base. So, this really fits more in the art vinyl/Pop! sector, but I find it to be much more visually interesting than a standard Funko Pop!. As I said, this definitely has a “chibi” vibe to me, and as far as I know, that is a branch previously unexplored by Joe merchandise. Scarlett is dressed in her classic outfit (yay!), with some of the colors amped up to fit the theme of the style. There is a “chunkiness” to the form as well, and that helps to bring up the cuteness factor. I like that she is posed with her trademark crossbow, and the arrow has a heart-shaped head which also contributes to the overall theme. The base is pretty straightforward, but it is good to see that classic logo brought out, and if there are to be more offerings of this type, it will help bring a full display together in uniform fashion.

The figure comes in a black logo box with “Loot Crate Original” branding, and some of the “explosion” graphics from the classic Real American Hero cards.

This Scarlett figure will be a part of Honor Crate that will be available for purchase on March 19th, 2021 at 9:00pm PDT. The Crate will run you $24.99 (plus shipping and handling), and will be up at the “core” Crate landing page at that time, so follow the link below next week!


Don’t delay, if you are a G.I. Joe fan, this will be a fun piece to add to your collection.

*Thanks to the LootCrate team for sending this piece along for preview.