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Lone Coconut: Plunderlings Fawns Floot and Grotto Review

While I am going to attempt to do so here, I don’t think I am capable of putting into words how much I love the Plunderlings. The fact that the Fawns have been released so soon has got me positively beaming at this point. 

These things are GREAT. I mean, the Plunderlings as a line is still in its infancy as far as I am concerned, but this is one of the best action figure Kickstarter campaigns ever as far as I am concerned. I feel that the Lone Coconut actually overdelivered on what I was expecting with these, and even though I have had my KS figures for a couple of months now, my excitement and love for these little figures has not diminished. My ONLY disappointment from the campaign is that not all of the stretch goals were funded, but part of that has already been remedied.

The Fawns have now arrived, and Floot and Grotto are such great additions to the line. These were the next (unfunded) stretch goal to be met during the Kickstarter period, but as luck would have it, the manufacturing processed allowed for the new parts required to make these guys a path to production. So if you were lucky enough to make an order for these a couple of weeks ago (more on that in moment), it is like getting that extra stretch without the long delay due to the production timeline. I am still hoping that we get the “Tinkers” will get to see the light of day as well, but then again, I have a massive want list for this line.

It is easy to point out that the new horned heads and hoofed feet bring two very new elements to the line, but man, I am also a big fan of the mint (Floot) and berry (Grotto) colors that have been added, too. Frankly, the LC gang could put out new characters just by mixing and matching existing parts with new colors and I could be kept happy for a long time with this line. But there is no denying the hooves add such a cool element of diversity to this line, and naming these the Fawns is perfect. The new feet allow of a bit of different posing for these two, and double knee joints and the range of movement in the ankles really help for getting things in a natural position. The hooves aren’t as big as the standard Plunderlings feet, so Floot and Grotto don’t stand quite as easily as the others, but they still accomplish dynamic posing with ease. 

Like the standard figures, these Fawns include three heads, and while the new ear shape and horns are most certainly unique to this particular species, the three expressions match the genus brethren. I like this consistency to be sure, but I would also still welcome some new looks down the road. I think of Floot being the more calm of the two, while Grotto seems more mischievous, so the included heads most certainly make it possible to express both of those personality types. In my “head canon” I have thought the Plunderlings, as a general rule, are just as at home on the high seas as they are on the islands, but these two feel like they are more suited for the ol’ terra firma.

You get the standard open and grip hands with these two, and that suits them fine for holding the included accessories. The LC crew did mention wanting to get to the fists in these two color ways at some point, which is great, but I am content with these. Both Floot and Grotto come with the same accessories: the reused short scimitar sword and the new flute. The accessory library for this line is already so diverse, so getting the new flute is really cool, especially since it fits the classical imagery/mythos of traditional fawns. The grip hands allow for a pretty natural hold for it, so these little buggers can play to their heart’s content. The special types and occupations of the various Plunderlings have been very well thought out, and this new form just takes that to the next level. These Fawns are so creative, I just love them.

Seriously, I could on all day about these. I am in the midst of building a special display for these figures right now, and I have had a spot carved out for Floot and Grotto, so I am glad I was able to order them. If you missed them, TRUST ME, the Lone Coconut crew wants the Plunderlings to be available to all who want them. Having been through a KS like this, the balance of making enough for a demand you are not really sure about and not having a ton of inventory is a very difficult thing to manage. It is still early, so I think they are getting things figured out now (remember these are still from their initial production run), and you need to believe that this company is working from the very best place. I believe that 100% – they are doing everything right at the moment, so keeping up with demand WILL come, I am sure of it. The Plunderlings have a very, very bright future. 

I cannot help but wonder what is coming next. Obviously some refreshes will be good, I think, but I hope we get the fists and Hatchling bodies for these guys. After that, I am all for repaints for new characters, the Tinkers are out there, too, as are the Plunderlongs and Plunderstrongs. Oh, getting some females would be a lot of fun as well! Plunderolds? Sure! Plundercolds (mountain versions)? Sure! I am up for anything, and I cannot to see what is next. This is my favorite new line, and I am in for the long haul, I am certain the crew at Lone Coconut will make it so everyone can be in for it as well.

2 thoughts on “Lone Coconut: Plunderlings Fawns Floot and Grotto Review

  1. I came to the comments to complain that I couldn’t get my hands on any of these at all (I wasn’t a kickstarter), but your complaint seems more valid.

    If these were made during the kickstarter, they were funded by kickstarter money. Seems like kickstarters should have gotten early access.

    At the very least, there should have been a tighter limit on the purchases for the first week. 8 is way, way too high. Maybe 2 each max, then if they’re still available a couple days later, let people buy more. Hell, this would have allowed more people to experience the figures and would’ve helped create repeat customers.

  2. Just one angry Belgian Kickstarter backer here…

    I am feeling more than a little pissed off with how Lone Coconut handled the Fawns roll-out. This should have been a Kickstarter backers event first and NOT a mass market / worldwide event where everybody could purchase up to 8 figures.

    And them sending an email to anyone who backed the Kickstarter campagne were they : “now are faced with deciding what kind of toy company we want to grow up to be” does not excuse the fact that we, those who MADE Plunderlings / Lone Coconut possible by backing them, are out in the cold with zero Fawns.

    Well, Lone Coconut may not yet know what kind of toy company they want to be but at least the company has its chosen colour now… Dirty Money Green…

    “Thank You”… for what should have been a far better campagne…

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