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Jazwares: Fortnite Legendary Series Midas (Shadow) Review

It’s been a minute since I got a new Fortnite Legendary Series. I seem to keep missing the availability on the big guys where I shop online, so I was glad that I could put in an order for Midas. Let’s take a look!

The packaging is what we’ve come to expect from the line, though I do find the black and gold character art on the field of black particularly striking.

The figure comes with three guns, a crafting tool, a pack, and three swappable face plates.

The pack attaches tightly to the back and looks a little like a messenger bag with a knife attached. I could imagine it looking good with an adventurer type, but it doesn’t quite jibe with Midas’ fancy-pants style.

The axe feels a little over-sized proportionally, but he can still grip it well.

The face plates are always a fun option and I really like the two gold options. The third looks like he’s in mid-transformation or his golden infection hasn’t completely taken hold. I’m not sure what the back story is and I think it is a cool idea, it does call attention to that seam line for the face plates.

I think the guns are all repaints from previous releases, but they look pretty cool in gold and I enjoy the overall aesthetic. I do think the weapons are slightly over-sized for this figure, but he holds the pistol and mini-gun pretty well. The grips on the tommy gun are a little large for the hinged hands to securely grip, so that one is a little more fiddly.

The sculpting on this guy matches the art well and he’s got a pretty thin frame that reminds me a lot of Spike from Cowboy BeBop. I thought at first he might share some parts with the Wild Card figure, but upon closer review it looks like he doesn’t. One thing that I don’t love about this figure is the way the arms won’t rest at the sides in a vanilla pose. The guns in the holsters under his arms are a pretty cool design element, but unfortunately are not removeable.

His head feels a little on the small side to me and the proportions do feel a little off when compared to a figure like Jonesy, but he fits in well with Wild Card.

Articulation is standard for this line with:

  • Swivel/hinge neck, shoulders, hips, wrists, and ankles
  • Double hinged knees and elbows that get better than 90 degree bend
  • Hinged toes and grip
  • Swivel biceps and thighs
  • Ball and socket mid-torso
  • Butterfly hinged pecs

The pecs get a nice range backwards, but the front movement is not as good. The waist gets decent wobble and swivel, but the ab crunch is fairly limited, but is exceptionally good for this line. I think this is one of the better moving figures from the legendary series

Midas is cast mostly in black and gold plastic, so the paint is pretty minimal. They did a decent job matching the gold paint at the neck to the gold plastic for the rest of the body. The one detail hit is pretty sloppy on my figure at the buttons.

Midas’ design is one of those that grabbed me right away and he feels like he could easily be worked into a display or action photos as a Spidey villain or some other random super-powered henchman. The poseability and striking colors outweigh my nitpicks here and he’s overall an enjoyable toy.