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HLJ: New Transformers, Diaclone, and Steampunk Darth Vader

Fwoosh sponsor HobbyLink Japan counts down the top collectibles of the week!

No.1 Amazing Yamaguchi Iron Spider

No.2 KD-12 Transformers: Kingdom Series Rodimus Prime

No.3 1/48 VF-1A Valkyrie Low Visibility (Macross)


No.4 Diaclone / Gridman Universe 03 Grid Suit

No.5 Diaclone / Gridman Universe 02 (Diaclone Member Set / Full Color Ver Figure)

No.6 Diaclone DA-74 Triverse Tri-Rambler (D Caliber)

No.7 Transformers Top Gun Maverick

No.8 SS-68 Transformers Studio Series Bumblebee

No.9 1/12 Fantasy Girls F.O.X. Long Range Striker Unit

No.10 52TOYS MEGABOX MB-13CT Deep One Elite

No.11 Pose + Metal The King of Braves GaoGaiGar (Reissue)

No.12 1/7 ARTFX Darth Vader Industrial Empire

No.13 HAF Gridknight (SSSS.Gridman)

No.14 Battle For The Stars 04st Legion Stina

No.15 Cyclion “Type Lavender” (Cyclion)