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Hasbro : Star Wars Black Series Bo-Katan Kryze Review

I’ve been a huge fan of Bo-Katan since her first appearance in The Clone Wars series. Besides looking cool in her Mandalorian armor, she kinda reminded me of one of my favorite characters of all time, Batwoman. Same short red hair, same take no bullsh*t attitude, and the same would go to any means necessary approach when trying to achieve her goals. So when her figure was announced I couldn’t hit the pre-order button fast enough. Turns out I couldn’t wait that long and paid a little extra to get her in my hands sooner.

In short, this figure definitely does not disappoint. While her look is based on her Mandalorian look, it’s basically just her clone wars cartoon look come to real life. All the colors, details, and armor intricacies that make up her look are all here. There’s a lot of detail , and some nice paint details and scuff that make her look like she’s been through a battle or two.

The packaging is the new styled slimmer package with the angled one sided look. Clear opening on the front to see what you get with some cool artwork that fits together with the rest of the figures in her wave on the side. On the back is that same artwork along with a brief description of who she is.

Her articulation is pretty standard Star Wars Black series. Her head has the two part ball jointed neck which allows for nice up and down as well as side to side movement. I don’t mind the double neck peg, but her neck turns sometimes when you turn her head resulting in her turtleneck getting turned backwards. Not a big deal but I notice it when it’s backwards or sideways. Her shoulders are socket and swivel, and her shoulder armor moves up into her upper torso to allow for full out straight arm extension. Her elbows allow for a little over a 90 degree bend. Her wrists are hinged to allow for rotation and gun hand tilt up and down.

Her torso is on a ball socket but it doesn’t allow for alot of up and down or side to side bend mostly because of the armor. It definitely moves but she’s not doing any sit ups. Not that she needs to do anymore anyway. Her hips are ball and socket with an upper thigh swivel. They work well and allow her to kick straight up and out. Her knees bend to a little past ninety degrees. She definitely won’t pass the patented Robo kick her own ass test, but they bend enough to allow for some dynamic posing. She has rocker ankles and they move very well up and down as well as tilt side to side.

Her paints are clean and pretty accurate. There is some slight bleed on one of her shoulder straps and the leather pouches and belt could be a darker tone because I don’t recall them being this bright of a shade brown. Her armor is done well, and the crests on her pauldrons are nice. The battle damage to the armor and her helmet is noticeable and adds some depth to the figure.

As for her accessories she comes with her two blasters, and her jet pack. Of course her helmet is removable as well, and comes on and off easily and fits snugly on her head. Her viewfinder rotates to drop down over her visor.

Her head sculpt is very well done. It’s no doubt supposed to be Katie Sackhoff, the actress who has portrayed the character since her first appearance in The Clone Wars, and brought her to life again in the Mandalorian. The helmet has some nice paint detail and scuffs to simulate battle damaged and wear. Her Nite Owl paints on the helmet are well done and the overall shape of her visor is perfect. Her head band has some nice details on it, and her hair is brighter than it was on the show, but matches her clone wars look, so it works for me.

She scales well with other Black Series figures and looks good next to other Mandalorian figures. Sackhoff is 5’6″ and Pascal is 5’11” so this looks right on.

All in all I have to say I really dig this figure. Like I mentioned before I love the character, and her look. While other Mandos have had asymmetrical armor I liked that hers has been symmetrical. The blue and silver is a cool look together too. She’s a great addition to my Black Series collection and the Mandalorian display. Her clan mate Koska Reeves has been announced for the line so I hope Axe Woves isn’t far behind as well. This is a figure I can’t recommend enough if you collect the Black Series or are a fan of the Mandalorian show.

You can still pre-order her at dorkside toys or big bad toystore.