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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Omega Sentinel Review

My Marvel Legends purchases are usually based on a lot of nostalgia for the characters based on decades of reading comics. With Omega Sentinel, I had actually forgotten that I read a bunch of stories with her (Excalibur Vol 3), but the design appealed to me so much I had to snag one. Let’s take a look!

The box art features a great character drawing that looks like Pepe Larraz’s work from the House of X book. It’s interesting because Omega Sentinel is depicted in the artwork with the human flesh tone on her head that you see in “present” time in the House of X story, whereas the figure has the bright red head from a future part of the timeline. I don’t think I got from the story why she changed color over the years, but I also am not current with the X-Books. Maybe since it is so far in the future, her organic parts were replaced.

Omega comes with the torso of the Tri-Sentinel, two gun-arm attachments, and an alternate head. The Tri-Sentinel Torso is a pretty large piece mostly cast in a metallic purple plastic. I ended up grabbing the rest of the wave to complete this figure because I like the look of completed ones I’ve seen online.

The blaster forearms swap out easily at the elbow and the elbow hinge moves the same 90 degrees on both sides so they can be used on either arm. The guns and the rest of the arm are cast in a metallic plastic and have some very sharp cybernetic details that look very cool, though I think I would prefer painted silver to the metallic plastic.

I think the alternate head is supposed to represent Karima Shapandar from the time she was an X-Man, but the colors are off from every reference I’ve seen. She was usually depicted with darker skin and hair. It is very nicely sculpted, the hair has a bouncy energy to it, and it’s a good inclusion to give fans of that X-era the opportunity to add a heroic version to the shelf.

Sculpting is especially great on this figure and she looks like she leaped off the pages of House of X. She looks like all new sculpting and I really love the fine seam line and techno-greeblie details of her costume. The expression is also killer.

The articulation is fairly typical Marvel Legends style and the mid-torso joint doesn’t get a lot of crunch movement, but gets decent swivel and side to side wobble. I don’t love how the upper torso looks when twisting it because it will cover up the upper terminal on her lower torso and it looks little awkward. Unfortunately the hips are Y-hips, so her legs don’t kick out straight, they kick out to the sides. Boo to Y-Hips, Hasbro. Forever boo. You think they are gone for good, but somehow keep sneaking back in to lines here and there.

Paint is nice and clean aside from metallic plastic and alternate head issues I mentioned earlier.

Overall, I’m happy I bought this figure. It’s a cool cyborg design, the gun arms are a fun play feature, and it inspired me to go read some comics I had missed or forgot.