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Hasbro: Hasbro Fortnite Victory Royale Series The Foundation Zero Crisis Edition

The fourth member of The Seven has appeared!

Up for pre-order on Hasbro Pulse now!

The Foundation and Agent Jones sealed the Zero Point in a tower of stone during the Zero Crisis Finale in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. Now, The Foundation is joining the Victory Royale Series! Inspired by the character recently revealed in Fortnite, this special release figure is highly poseable with multiple points of articulation and comes with the Foundational ‘Brella Glider and cape Back Bling as seen in the Fortnite universe. Perfect for Fortnite collectors, this The Foundation: Zero Crisis Edition figure features premium deco and detail inspired by the world of Fortnite.

Includes: The Foundation: Zero Crisis Edition figure, Back Bling, and Glider

  • Special release Fortnite Victory Royale Series The Foundation: Zero Crisis Edition figure
  • The first of The Seven to be released from Hasbro as part of the Victory Royale Series line
  • Premium collectible figure depicting the fourth member of The Seven
  • Detailed deco inspired by the character’s in-game appearance
  • Highly posable 6-inch figure with over 20 points of articulation
  • Comes with detailed Fortnite-inspired Foundational ‘Brella Glider
  • Includes cape Back Bling that attaches to the figure’s shoulder
  • Features special package design, exclusive to The Seven figures

11 thoughts on “Hasbro: Hasbro Fortnite Victory Royale Series The Foundation Zero Crisis Edition

  1. Yeah, McFarlane toys and Todd himself tend to… say a lot of things they don’t follow up on.

    Where’s my Fallout toys, TODD?!

  2. Well I wouldn’t hold your breath on that panning out because this wouldn’t be the first time Todd has said he is going to produce more of something and then didn’t. He said last year that he was going to make more/new Harry Potter & Game of Thrones figures…and that’s not happening. It’s all based on sales and sell-through though so I get it as he’s not going to sink more money into a line if it’s not performing well enough to warrant it.

    He is a small fry company compared to Hasbro for example and a LOT of his figures are all new sculpts/molds so he is more cautious about producing stuff/future waves in advance. Case in point, you know how Hasbro produced 3+ waves / a full years worth of product for Overwatch even though those figures were literally DOA at retail? Todd would have produced one wave, saw the sales numbers and then immediately axed the line. Hasbro produces stuff well over a year in advance, where as Todd being a much smaller entity, he’s much more nimble and flexible and doesn’t commit to expanding lines until they perform well. The fact that he literally produces a full Multiverse wave once a month at this point should tell you all you need to know regarding if the line is selling well or not.

    In any case, if he does make more Fortnite product, he has up until 12/31/21 to ship it lol.

  3. surely it’s only $40 because it’s a Pulse Exclusive right? retail will be $20? but yeah damn, that should be coming with a whole bunch of faces and accessories regardless

  4. Yeah, maybe I’ll pick up this one on clearance for, like, ten bucks or whatever. I’m not paying actual money for a half-decent action figure of a generic robot man with absolutely no accessories.

    I don’t usually wish doom on action figure lines, especially not from Hasbro, and I won’t do so now, but I will say if this line dies early because it’s starting as it means to go on, then I won’t exactly be mourning its loss.

    I didn’t even bother to check the website for the price, because I checked out the instant I found out there weren’t any accessories, but FORTY BUCKS? The NERVE.

  5. Yeah, exactly. Welcome to hasbro, less stuff in the box but we charge you way more! The balls they have charging FORTY fucking dollars for this figure…unreal.

    Having said that, if it was $20, I would grab it for the Joe collection and just paint over his faceplate with a cobra logo.

  6. Effective 2022, Jazwares can only produce figures 4in or under. Same with McFarlane, his 7in line is done too. Hasbro now holds the exclusive license for 6in and above starting next year.

  7. I think what really strikes me about this debut reveal is “damn, I already miss Jazwares and the metric shit-ton of accessories that came with each figure”.

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