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Lone Coconut: The Plunderlings Fawns’ Arrival!

New Plunderlings are headed our way this coming Friday!

Yes! Lone Coconut has dropped an update about how we will be able to order the Fawns, and they will be available THIS FRIDAY! Check it out!

Via Lone Coconut:

Greetings Plunderpeople,

The haunting tune has been playing for days, but you can’t quite tell if you’re actually hearing it or simply humming it in your head. All you do know is that you now find yourself at the entrance of a mist-filled rain forest. Two silhouettes take shape as the fog reveals… the Fawns! Fawns are a race of Plunderling from mysterious origins. They cannot swim and mostly avoid the high seas in favor of playing tricks on pirates who dare to venture too far into the jungle. The first Plunderling Fawns to hit the scenes are GROTTO and FLOOT.

They will be available for purchase on our website and BigBadToyStore on

Friday February 26 starting at 4pm EST.


There will be a strict limit on purchases of 4 figures per character. Orders that exceed this limit WILL be canceled and refunded, so to make sure your order goes through we ask you abide by this limit.