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Jazwares: FORTNITE Legendary Series Agent Peely Review

When asked how to make an anthropomorphic banana man better, the obvious answer is to make him a secret agent and dress him in a dapper tuxedo. A secret agent anthropomorphic banana man in a tuxedo is now a thing that I own, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Man, I don’t play or even pretend to know the first thing about FORTNITE, but do I ever love the Legendary Series action figures based on the game’s amazing characters. I feel like this is the closest thing I have going to getting and action figure based on characters not attached to an established property. Yes, I know that there ARE characters attached to an established property, but I feel like I am back in the 80s seeing toys for the first time without any reference, recognizing how cool they are, and then get them based on the imagination in my head. That is so refreshing and entirely too much fun because the designs of these characters are really inspired.

Not knowing the game, I am by no means a completist with this line, but I DO collect the figures I like with gusto, and in doing so, my collection of Doggo, The Brat, Beef Boss, Slushy Soldier, Fishstick, and others is on of my favorites. I generally keep to the 1:12 scale figures (because, duh), but when it comes to Peely, I have the regular 6-inch figure, plus the 4-inch version, the “ripened” version, the two little Agents, and now this hot little number, so needless to say, Peely brings a lot of joy. While I am a sucker for the classic, this new sharp-dressed boi might be the new king of the banana pile in my display.

If you are fan of Peely, or this line in general, this new Agent figures gives you the best of what it has to offer. Yes, you get a banana man, but he is super-articulated, comes with a treasure trove of accessories, and even includes swappable face plates for various expressions. There is a lot to love here and some exciting newness to it all, even in a line that is now well-established with a reliable formula. Every time a new series is unveiled, I hope for characters like this, and Jazwares doesn’t disappoint. 

If you are familiar with the articulation scheme of this line, you should like what you see here. The fluid hips, double elbows, double knees, and other important points have become pretty standard, and that is important for a fun line like this that gets a lot of mileage out of creating posing. I could live without the hinges in the feet, and especially the hands, but overall, the scheme is pretty much what I look for in most lines that boast being “super-articulated.” Peely does not feature a mid-torso joint due to his design and build, but for this character, it is not missed. All of the joints blend into the black outfit well, so if you are big into hiding articulation, this version certainly one-ups the regular Peely.

Peely’s swappable expressions are a feature that certainly puts him in a class of his own in this line. The original featured three looks, and this figure carries that over, but with all new faces. This time we get a “cool” or unimpressed look, a devilishly happy face, and a laughing plate, all of which are just about perfect for the right situation, and the former two really fit the agent theme. The best part is that these are interchangeable with the original Peely as well, so both figures instantly have six expression options, which is super rad. I am in for every version of Peely they want to make, so hopefully all of them have different faces that can be used across all of the versions.

Another great quality of this line is the amount of cool accessories you get with each figure. Most of them are guns of various types, which are always welcome, but each also has their melee weapon, as well as their back bling. Agent Peely features a machine gun, hand gun with silencer, and a shot gun. I will probably keep it simple in the display and give the figure the handgun for that suave agent look, but I am sure I will find uses for the rest of guns somewhere in my collection. Agent Peely also has his banana-themed melee “axe” weapon (I am sure there is a proper name for this), and his back bling, which is a black backpack of bananas. That is a lot of accessories for a $20 figure these days, so it is appreciated.

This line is so much fun, and Agent Peely is already a standout. He joins my company of bananas, but also a collection of fish, nutcrackers, and talking hamburgers. What a time to be alive. I cannot wait to see what Jazwares has planned next, but keep your eye on Target’s website, Agent Peely is currently going in and out of stock for purchase.