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Top 5: The Mandalorian Season 2 Black Series Figures

To be fair, I pretty much want a figure of everything I see onscreen in The Mandalorian, but I do have some pressing priorities, so click on through for my Top 5 Black Series figures from The Mandalorian Season 2!

I always like to start these with a runner-up or two and I’ll start this one off with some guys I was really excited to see, but didn’t love how they looked in the show, the Gamorrean pit fighters.

Jon Favreau teased a Gamorrean for season 2 almost a year ago, and I got hyped up to see them on screen because they were one of my favorite aliens from the Original Trilogy. I didn’t end up loving how they looked in the show because they didn’t seem bulky enough but I think if they incorporated some the original maquette look it could work.

Regal Robot is making a statue based on that original Maquette, and man I’d love that in figure form.

5. Frog Lady

I grew to really care about this woman and her plight over the two episodes she appeared, so I need a figure ASAP. She has to come with the egg container backpack, though. Don’t bother to make her without that!

I also love that she doesn’t have an official name yet, it just takes me back to the days of my old Walrus Man and Hammerhead figures. I want to see Frog Lady on her card.

4. Dark Troopers

I played Dark Forces, but I don’t have a particular nostalgic connection to the Dark Trooper, but these guys were fantastic in the episode.

When that one turns its flaming head toward Mando, I screamed and it is one of my favorite shots in the whole show. The tension of their scenes worked really well, not to mention it was pretty fun to see Luke Skywalker fight Battle Droids like his dad did back in the day.

I’d love it if they could add some flame effects that attach around his head somehow and since they do fly, some booster jet attachments would be cool too.

3. Koska Reeves

Koska made a great impression right off the bat with her jet-pack assisted body slam moves and laconic presence. I think I might have a teensy bit of a crush on her too.

Besides, we’ve already got Bo-Katan and Cara Dune, so we should finish off the Grogu rescue team from Ch. 16. Speaking of that crew…

2. Fennec Shand

Fennec seemed like a bit of a throwaway character in her first appearance, but I absolutely loved her in the last half of Season 2 and it looks like she’ll be in the upcoming Book of Boba Fett AND The Bad Batch, so we’ve got much more Fennec to come. Best to get on that figure sooner rather than later. The costume actually has a lot more interesting texture details than I originally thought.

I would hope that Hasbro would take care with her articulation so she can get into a good sniper rifle holding pose. She definitely needs the helmet and a flagon of spotchka accessory wouldn’t go amiss either.

  1. Boba Fett

Boba Fett LIVES, baby! I’ve been a fan of Boba Fett since before The Empire Strikes Back came out just based on that figure, and his return lived up to all of my childhood imagined adventures, so I need all the looks from Season 2 of The Mandalorian in figure form. Hell, this list was almost just five different Boba Fett figures, but I cheated a bit and put them all in here.

Starting off with his Tusken Raider in black gear with the cycler rifle and custom Gaffi stick. While I usually like a more neutral expression for my figures, I really think this one needs an extra head with a portrait of mid-fight Temuera Morrison with crazy eyes and gritted teeth.

After that, I could go for battle damaged armor over the Tusken outfit look from Chapter 14. A removeable rocket for his jet pack would be great too. I think you could probably make a figure with a soft goods cloak, removeable armor, and swappable forearms to complete both looks in one, but I think I’d prefer two separate figures so they can do both looks justice.

Finally, I’d love a repainted armor with the spiffed up black outfit underneath. Hell, make it deluxe figure and include the throne from the epilogue/Book of Boba Fett preview.

That’s just scratching the surface of the figures I want from this season and I didn’t even mention Cobb Vanth or Ahsoka! What’s your top five? Let me know in the comments or on our forums!