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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Deadpool and Negasonic Teenage Warhead Review

Confession time: I have yet to see Deadpool 2. I liked the first one, but a little Deadpool goes a long way with me, so I haven’t made the time to catch up with the new one. I still snatched up this pre-order the second I saw it was available because the figures looked slick. Let’s take a look at Negasonic Teenage Warhead and our first Marvel Legends Movie Deadpool!

The box strikes a bit of a different look with flat edges and a red tinged silhouette look for the character art on the sides and back. You’ve still got that massive window so you can see all of what you get with the set.

There is a good chunk of stuff to be had here with four sets of hands for Deadpool (fists, sword grip, gun grip, splayed fingers) and two for NTW (splayed hands and fists), two swords, two guns, a knife, power effects, and a unicorn.

The hands swap with little difficulty and stay on securely. I’m glad Negasonic Teenage Warhead got fists and splayed hands as this works really well for her power set.

The two translucent power effects are familiar to Marvel Legends collectors, but I think they work nicely here, especially if you can get some light shining through them. I also like that you can combine them to power up one arm or split them between two arms.

Deadpool also comes with a useful set of alternate hands. The gun grip hands hold the weapons perfectly and since the sword and knife grips are a little thin, he comes with sword hands as well. The punch, sword, and splayed hands have an in/out hinge while the gun hands have an up/down. I think I would have preferred an up/down on the sword hands too. The splayed finger hand is great for quirky Deadpool gestures too. One odd thing on my figure is that the weapon grip hands have silver paint on the gloves while the other two do not. I’ve seen the costume both ways, so I’m not sure if this is intentional or an oversight, but I would have preferred one way for consistency.

The swords are cast in some fairly thin and flexible plastic, so they warp easily. I think they scale well with the figure, but I’m used to a bit more robust sword with my figures, so they do feel a bit odd.

The knife is also pretty small and flexible, but it fits securely in the leg sheath and the addition of hands that grip it well, makes this a more useful and fun accessory than other similar figures I’ve bought recently who can’t really hold their knives.

The guns are kind of lame and have these sort of squared-off attachments that makes them look a bit like laser guns. I really don’t mind that sort of thing when we are talking about a comic book version where there is more room for interpretation, but he uses regular guns in the movie. The weird thing is that he has regular guns in his holsters, but they are glued in.

Fortunately I saw on @playing-wth-myself’s Instagram feed that all you have to do is heat the holsters up a bit you can yank the guns out. The guns are a little rubbery, but I like the look more than the other ones. They go back in the holsters and stay securely too.

Finally, Deadpool comes with a stuffed Unicorn toy. Since I haven’t seen the movie, I’m not sure what’s up with this, and maybe I don’t want to know, but it feels like the kind of nonsense I expect from Wade.

Sculpting is exquisite on Deadpool. They nailed the look perfectly from the proportions and gear, even the weird red four-square ball textures and battle damage. When I look at the figure and I can almost hear him saying something stupid, that’s how well they nailed this one.

Negasonic is a little less successful because she doesn’t get the dedicated sculpt that Wade does. I feel like the super smooth and muscular regular ML parts or the lower body clash a little with the regular human proportions and costume textures of the upper body. Which is a shame, because I really like the upper body a lot.

The one critique I have of the upper body is that I feel like the neck juts out a little too forward, so if you want her looking forward normally, there’s a big gap in the back of her neck. My figure also has a fairly prominent mold line along the jaw.

Articulation is pretty standard Marvel Legends articulation with swivel/hinge shoulders, hips, wrists and ankles, thigh swivels, and double hinged knees for both. Wade gets double hinged elbows and bicep swivels while Negasonic gets a swivel hinge. Negasonic has a mid-torso wobbe while wade sports a mid-torso ab crunch and waist swivel. Deadpool has a barbell ball joint in the neck while NTW has a hinge with a ball and socket. The nicest bit of articulation on Deadpool is that he has butterfly pecs and can hold a sword in a two-handed grip. I kind of miss the mid-torso wobble on Wade. I think I got used the the ball jointed waists on the Classified figures.

Paint on these two is good, but I have some slop on Deadpool’s belt and the silver on the gloves is also pretty messy. My impression of Deadpool is that he is filthy, so a wash might have been good for the red sections of the costume. The faceprinting works nicely on NTW.

Overall, this is a good set. The amount of useful accessories is great and the Deadpool figure is really well done and a must have, even for somebody like me who is somewhat lukewarm on the character. NTW is 50% awesome and 50% average and while I’m glad to get the character, I wish the figure got a little more love. I definitely want to catch that second movie now.