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Hasbro: G.I. Joe Classified Series Special Missions Cobra Island Glamour Shots

The initial promo pics made me want the Target G.I. Joe Cobra Island assortment, but these new shots makes me hate missing out on pre-orders!


A few things that jump out at me. One, Roadblock looks awesome in a beard, but I’m biased. But the close-ups of Baroness really show how fantastic the photo real looks and how well done the glasses look.

Another thing is seeing the Trooper with the helmet and goggles on, and how they make the eyes look snake-like. Makes for some nice variation for army building.

As much as it sucks to miss those initial pre-orders, I really feel like these will get easier to get once we get past the street date. I’m hearing they are straight packs, cases full of the same character, but I think the odds are good to also see the uniques here in the main lines down the road. Maybe with redecos? Hasbro has already shown they aren’t afraid to change things out to get the characters out again and give lots of options. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.