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Mattel: Jurassic World Super Colossal Indominus Rex Review

I’m not the biggest Jurassic World fan, but I can’t resist these Super Colossal figures. I don’t think the appeal is a big mystery, I mean it is a gigantic dinosaur toy, what’s not to love? I do think a big part of it for me is again nostalgia for the old days of gigantic toys and playsets like the Shogun Warrior Godzilla I always coveted. Let’s take a look!

The Super Colossal Indominus Rex comes in a large cardboard box with a big section cut out so you can touch the actual dinosaur while it is still boxed. My box got pretty beat up in transit from Target. There is some Camp Cretaceous branding on there, which is apparently a Netflix CGI show, but the bulk of the box art is taken up with showing off the play feature of chomping, swallowing, and expelling smaller dinosaur figures.

Indominus comes split in four parts for easy packaging with the head and main body being the largest piece that the legs and tail plug into.

The sculpting on this beast is pretty impressive and I especially like all the highly detailed pebbly and spikey textures across the figure. It seems like a decent match for the creature from the film, with the head and feet somewhat exaggerated. The feet probably to help with stability. The teeth, of course, don’t seem quite as sharp and dangerous looking as they could be, but that’s par for the course with a kid’s toy, especially one where kids are going to be throwing stuff down the toy’s gullet.

Indominus is lightly articulated with a jaw that hinges open at the head and jaw, a hinged tail that moves side to side, and swivel wrists, shoulders, hips, ankles and neck. There’s also a little hinged opening in the belly so you can pull the toys out that you fed to the dino. I was able to throw the Amber Collection Owen Grady down it’s gullet and pull him out of the belly hole.

I would always prefer more articulation in any toy I buy, but this gets the job done pretty well. I would have loved ankle and shoulder swivel/hinges, but I do wonder if ankle hinges would have impacted stability. This is a pretty big, heavy chunk of plastic.

Super Colossal Indominus is around the same size as the Colossal T-Rex from a few years back and is bigger in the head and arms which makes sense for the design. I’m no expert, but I think the Indominus should technically be a bit bigger than the T-Rex, but I don’t take scale on these too seriously, so it’s not something that bugs me.

Paint is decent with the dino being cast mostly in a taupe plastic with some darker shading one the back and nice gloss on the eyes. I think the shading on the face in the skull recesses around the eyes could stand to be slightly lighter. I’m sure a wash would help bring out that wonderful texture, but the sculpting is so sharply detailed that shadows do the job pretty well with indoor directional lighting, but not quite as well in diffused outdoor conditions. I don’t love the teeth as they are super clean, but again, it’s a kid’s toy and there is a limit to how gross this stuff can get. It could be a fun repainting project to add some whiter highlights and dirty the face up a bit.

Overall this is a super fun toy that I would have loved to get as a kid. As an adult collector who takes lots of toy photos, I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of this toy as a random monster.