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NECA: Aliens Kenner Tribute Space Marine Drake Review

Due to the holiday, I missed #monstermonday this week, but that is okay, because better late than never, right? That is especially true when talking about NECA’s Alien line, and we have a look at the new “Kenner tribute” Space Marine Drake for your viewing pleasure.

I mentioned in my last Aliens article that the work NECA has done on these Kenner figures is pretty damned fun. My knowledge of the franchise is based mostly around the original film (by far my favorite part of the lore), but some of the bonkers design work done on things like the Rhino Alien brings out a lot of beautifully grotesque design elements and amps them up to an 11. However, the heroic Colonial Marines (and Ripley for that manner) also saw some reimagining in the old toy line, and NECA has not forgotten about them either. Drake is the latest to enjoy the modern update treatment, and he brought his insane smart gun with him.

It’s no doubt that a line based on a property like Alien(s) could run wild for years on the Xenomorph and creature designs alone (NECA has done an INSANE amount of work on these alone), but you gotta have the good guys to fight them, and the line-ups for the Marines and crew members have gotta pretty vast in their own right. I like the patter being set forth here as Drake compliments the Rhino Alien well, and like the Rhino, also includes a rad Dark Horse comic, too. While Drake is based on a vintage toy design, the update NECA has put forth pays tribute to that well, but also gives him a realistic approach so he can stand and fight with guys like Hicks and Hudson and fit in just fine. 

That means the level of detail is what you can and should expect from a NECA offering, and Drake’s head sculpt is actually one of my favorites when it comes to humans in the line. Sure, you are not going to be able to mess with the overall level of detail in a Alien creature designs, but the expression and little nuances are pretty great here. Drake wears a headband, and while it is a small thing, the bit of hair that falls over it in the back just shows that a lot of attention and love was put into the creation of this figure, every bit as much as the creatures. 

Now, when we fragile humans have to square off agains perfect murder machines, it is best to bring some serious artillery with you. Drake is outfitted with his “smart gun” and it’s design is just as bananas as any Xenomorph. The gun is actually a whole rig that attaches to the bandolier/harness and the best to form this gigantic cannon with two knives on the end of it. The gun is actually in several pieces, and take two hands to wield. I have to admit that I was originally perplexed when trying to put the gun together properly, but fortunately NECA posted a step by step tutorial to help. After referencing that, I had to trouble getting the rig together, and as ridiculous as the design is, it is pretty damned cool-looking once assembled. I mean, if I had to stare down something like the Rhino Alien, I would most certainly want something of this nature strapped to my back to take it on. Oh, and there is a sticker sheet included to dress up the gun, so you can customize it as you wish. I am always afraid of commitment when it comes to things like this, so I haven’t put any on yet, but I am getting there.

This Kenner tribute sub-line is a great addition to the overall Aliens line. NECA continues to impress and bring some of the most unique characters and designs into plastic. Drake is releasing now-ish/soon-ish to be sure to get your order in now.

*Thanks again to NECA for sending these a long for a look!