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Toys, Toons, and Two Beards Ep1: 90s Incredible Hulk S1E1

Wade over at Unparalleled Universe and I decided to get together and try out a new podcast!

This is not replacing the FwooshCast, which is talking toys and toys and more toys with Veebs (coming back soon when we can get schedules to line up). This is just me and Wade picking an episode of an older cartoon, breaking it down, and then daydreaming about toys from that episode. We’re going to be jumping around every episode, this week is the 90s Incredible Hulk ep1 since I had never seen it, next week is G1 Transformers ep1 since Wade has never had the pleasure.

You can either listen to the full podcast above, or a smaller version with visuals is posted over at Unparalleled Universe.