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McFarlane Toys: Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn Video Review and Quick Pics

Before anyone comes in and says “What about the 10th anniversary figure?” let me just say…this is MY first super-articulated Spawn.


When the 10th anniversary Spawn hit shelves and I was young and dumb and thought I could only collect one line at a time. Nothing else. Dedicated to one company and one property. I was so naive. Or smart, considering that my attention and wallet can barely keep up these days. I mean, it’s absolutely crazy.

Anyway, bottom line, I’ve never had a Spawn figure. I use to gaze at them back in the day, and picked up the random one for fodder for something else, but no Spawn that I would call Robocave worthy. IE, having fully functional articulation.

That’s why I’m enjoying this 360 when it comes to joints with McFarlane. It started with Fortnite as kind of an experiment, and due to the sales the company sat and too notice, easing their dubbed 22POA system into other properties. I was already down the rabbit hole but now I can get fairly nice My Hero Academia, Mortal Kombat, DC Multiverse, and Call of Duty figures for $20 a pop.

Including my first articulated Spawn figure.

Not a bad deal at all.