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Jazwares: Fortnite Legendary Series Beef Boss

I’ve become used to the routine of reading solicitations, pre-ordering a figure and waiting months (sometimes years) for it to finally show at my door, so it’s pretty refreshing to find out about a figure one day and have it in your hands a couple days later. That’s happened a few times with the six inch scale Fortnite Legendary series, most recently with Beef Boss and Sentinel. Let’s take a look at Beef Boss!

I do always feel compelled to make a disclaimer on these Fortnite figure reviews that I don’t play the game and really only have a passing knowledge of how it works. I’m in it for the fun toys.

Beefy comes in the typical large window box for figures of this scale. It shows him and his accessories off well and I like the little cross-sell on the back to give me an idea of what to look out for.

The boss comes with a shotgun, two pistols, a piece of cake on a plate, a spatula shaped pickaxe, and a bundle of dynamite.

The spatula is cast in a slightly metallic silver plastic and fits well in the hand. There is a groove down the middle that helps the figure lock onto the weapon. It’s pretty silly looking and fits the overall figure’s theme really well.

We’ve seen the cake with previous Fortnite figures and this one is no different. It’s one solid piece of plastic with some broad paint applications to indicate frosting. The nice thing about it is there is a groove underneath the plate that helps the figure’s hand grasp it.

The dynamite bundle is mostly red plastic with a little paint to show the fuse and how it’s taped together. It’s fairly cartoony, especially with the thick fuse, but it fits well in the grip if you open the hinge as wide as it will go.

The backpack is a basket of fries with a cool Beef Boss logo and attaches solidly with a peg. This is probably one of my favorite packs because it looks great next to the holster with ketchup and mustard.

The shotgun looks like the one that came with Jonesy and has a good metallic paint job that’s finished off with a wash. It fits in the hands well as do the two pistols.

Sculpting on this guy is pretty fun. The burger logo head is perfectly silly and goofy. I initially thought he was a total Jonesy re-use, but there are a lot of new parts there because all the orange outfit pieces have raised sesame seeds sculpted.

Beef Boss has the standard Fortnite Legendary Series articulation with:

  • Swivel hinge neck, shoulders, wrists, hips and ankles
  • Double hinged knees and elbows
  • Swivel thighs, boots, waist, and biceps
  • Ball and socket mid-torso wobble
  • Hinged butterfly pec joints, toes, and hands

The figure moves pretty well, though the mid torso wobble doesn’t get much crunch movement to it and the butterfly hinged pecs also don’t have much range.

The paint is good on this figure with a lot of strong and clear paint separation for the details and an oddly glossy tongue that also has a bit of a faded light pink overspray.

I especially like that the shoes are bright red with yellow laces. Very Ronald McDonald choice there.

Overall I dig this figure a lot. It’s clearly on the goofy side of things, but appeals to me as a kid who grew up in the height of the McDonald Land gang era and he feels like he’d fit right in with Grimace, Mayor McCheese, and the Fry Guys. Now that I think about it, I kind of want super articulated figures of all of those guys too.