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Mezco: One:12 Collective Classic Wonder Woman Review

Mezco has been working very dilligently to build the league.  First, of course, the focus was on the cinematic universe. Then, well, it… got Warner Brother’d. So Mez pivoted toward the comic versions, and while I’m of the camp that enjoyed some of the movies -and even more of the potential- of that universe, I still think that’s a wise choice.

So outside of the very enjoyable Gal Gadot Wonder Woman, it does make sense to have a more comic inspired version to pair with GL, Supes, Bats, GA and Flash. We are pending on a “Modern” version, complete with battle armor, but then we got a surprise reveal and quick turn-around on a more Silver Age version. This was one of those things that I didn’t realize I would need, then saw it, realized “Oh, that makes sense'” and snatched it up.

As sometimes happens with Mez Ex figures, we get this one ahead of the standard release, so we also get a first look at the new base body, and there IS some good news there. So there we will begin.

Mezco still prefers the single joint layout for the female bodies, and while that annoyed me on Catwoman and Harley to a degree, Wonder Woman does have that kind of silhouette that makes a case for it. The upside here is that the range of motion has improved a bit, especially the knees, but whether it’s enough to sway the more cynical among you, hard to say. The elbows are still about 90-degree, which honestly I just need a liiiitle more bend and I wouldn’t complain. Shoulders and hips are actually pretty good. You may notice some tightness bringing the hips upward, but the more I move them, the better the range gets- probably the shorts that hitch that up somewhat. Minds out of the gutter.

The shorts, and the suit that goes with, are pretty cool looking.  She DOES have the same probelm as the movie WW and Aquaman; the torso is hindered by the design of the corset. Not that Aquaman wears a corset. Shut up.  Does it look good, though? Heck yes it does. While the whole design still has some touches to make it Mezco’s own, the overall look and feel can really sell as a George Perez style.

And the tipping for that sale is the headsculpts.  Inherently classic, with the curly hair and sharp eyebrows, exuding equal parts power and confidence, these are excellent headsculpts, and possibly the best female ones in the line to date. You have options between stern and openly pissed off versions- might not seem as overt, but trust me, if you know Diana, she’s pissed.

For weapons, Diana has a great array of classic weapons. As it should be, they have nice blend of functional and cermonial looking; she has an excellent sword and shield combo, a long spear, and a battle axe.  The lasso of truth is also in attendance; we get a coiled one that snaps into a loop on her belt, and a bendy version. Of course, I forgot that one in the pics, but it’s similar to the movie one, just with better paint. And we get two grip hands to go with,  along with the open palm and fists.

So, does this classic variant accomplish what it set out to do? I thiink so. She’s different enough from the main verion to warrant her own place on the shelf, she looks great with the trinity, and shows that while maybe not quite where I want them to be, Mezco is making improvements on that female build, slowly but surely, and that this one is probably their best attempt to date. And while competition for good Wonder Woman figures might not be as it should, this one easily tops the list.  It’s just too bad it’s not a more impressive list.