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New Marvel Legends Fantastic Four and X-Force at New York Comic Con!

Oh man, did Hasbro come to the Marvel Legends press even guns blazing!

Fantastic Four, X-Force, and STAN LEE?? Oh my! Plus just general Legends news!

Dani Moonstar will be the last Walgreens exclusive for this year.

FF wave – shown today: Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing, She-Hulk, BAF TBD (January 1st release)

Spidey wave 1 2019 (January 1st release)

Stan Lee – single carded, special pre-order on Target first today, but wide release in the spring 2020

X-force wave fall 2020 – shown today: Warpath, Sunspot, Deadpool variant

HasLab – looking at it, all Hasbro brands are looking at it.

Special thanks to forum member bambam for attending the even for us!

Scud from Preternia also sent some pics along!