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eBay Frenzy 10/13/19: Catching Up on Marvel Legends Customs

It’s been a busy month so I haven’t had a chance to sit back and relax on eBay, looking at customs. That changes today!!

In case you wanted a more animated series flavored Professor X Hoverchair

You just don’t see a lot of old school customs like Whizzer anymore.

This Super Saiyan 3 Iron Fist caught me off-guard, but also tickled me a bit. Check out the seller’s other wacky head swaps while you’re there.

I don’t know what it is about this Mezco style Colossus, it’s so basic and clean, but very appealing in a way. I bet it would look even better with the bearded head popped on there. Beards make everything better. That and the bearded head fits better on the neck.

I think I like the Legends head even better for X-Force Nightcrawler.

I didn’t realize rebel10customs was on eBay, I’ve looked at her stuff several times on Play Days, quality work! You wanna get your Thing ready for Yancy Street? This kit has you covered.

Gah, I’ve been meaning to do this, but going the extra mile painting the RABBIT SEASON DEADPOOL all red? NEED.

A little glitter goes a long way for a diamond form Emma Frost!

Spruce up your Punisher War Machine!

It’s crazy we don’t have a cartoon Morph yet. I’d like to see this with the sunken eyes too.

Have I ever mentioned my love and eternal want for the classic Excalibur team? I have? Even if you take away the Excalibur aspects, we still need this version of Shadowcat.

IS THIS FIRESTAR MADE WITH DELICIOUS BUTTER AND HEAVENLY FIRE?? Another much needed character to finish off a cartoon style team.

Finally, it’s simple but brilliant…Video-Man! And it’s not until this point that I realize I was kind of on a animated inspired kick today. Hmmm. I’m going to go watch some old cartoons.