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DC Collectibles: Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles GameStop Exclusive Donatello and Batgirl Review

It seems like there are collector-grade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures popping up in a lot of spots now, but after years of struggle, I could not be happier about that. NECA is straight up KILLING it right now with the cartoon and movie figures, Super7 has entered the party with vintage toy updates, and DC Collectibles is celebrating the pairing of the Green Machine and the Dark Knight with these new figures based on the Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie from this past spring. So, let’s take a look at the latest set to join the party: Batgirl and Donatello!

 I will admit, I don’t regularly collect DC Collectibles offerings anymore, but combining Batman and TMNT is something I cannot pass up. I previously took a look at the Batman/Leonardo and Robin/Raphael sets, and from an overall standpoint, this set is pretty much right in line with those. Two sets are still coming before the end of the year, so if you are collecting these, expect Alfred with Michelangelo and Ra’s Al Ghul with Shredder to join the throng. I have been looking forward to this set the most due to my affinity for both Donatello and Batgirl, so this pairing is right up my alley. I will admit that I started getting these sets mostly for the Turtles since I have a LOT of other options for the Batman crew, but if nothing else, these figures all look great together, so they will make up a fun corner of the TMNT display when it is all said and done.

As I said, I was primarily after Donatello from this set, but like before, his DC counterpart ended up being the better figure in my opinion. In terms of execution for the Turtles, I still think Raphael is the best overall, but Donnie falls somewhere between him and Leonardo. So, while I mostly like the figure overall, it is not without its flaws, and most of them are consistent with the shortcomings of the other two.

The figure does a very nice job of capturing Donatello’s look in the media, and even though I think the expression on the standard head is a bit dead-eyed, it does match well. So, at the very least, you know you are getting something that looks good. In addition to that, there continues to be a lot of accessories with these sets including multiple hands (three sets), pizza slice, TCRI ooze canister, bo, Turtle comm, and alternate head. The Turtle comm is particularly nice as it has a hinge to open and close, and like Raph, the alternate head is actually better than the standard with a much more animated expression and great baseball helmet.

Once again, I have issues with the hands, especially the “grips” as the the plastic is very rigid and thick, so getting the bo or any other thing to be correctly held is a challenge without applying some heat. Fortunately, the staff splits in two so that does help with things a bit, but it still should not be this difficult to get the Turtles to hold their signature weapons.

Donatello’s construction is hit and miss as I have never been a fan of the plastic DC Collectibles uses for most of their figures. It is stiff, yet feels fragile, so I am a bit gun-shy about doing intricate posing and things that might put stress on joints or plastic limbs. Donnie’s hips were pretty loosey-goosey right out of the package, so that create some of its own challenges. It is mostly okay most of the time, but kick poses and things of that nature look to be moot with this particular figure.

As mentioned, Batgirl fares a bit better in terms of construction, even if a lot of her accessories are carryovers from Robin. I have always been partial to Babs, and I am actually a big fan of her costume in this instance, so that is win/win for me. While smaller like Robin (but not as small), I was afraid some of her articulation would be limited or simply not included, but that not the case at all, and he actually has more points than Donatello.

Again though, Barbara is a bit limited by the sculpting in her hands as none of them seem to be completely correct in terms of shape for he accessories. She can hold the Batarang okay, but the grappling gun, phone, and dart all have to be manipulated a bit to make them work. It is not terrible, but a just one of several small details that fall flat in these sets overall.

I will say that neither of these figures suffer from any apparent paint issues like the four previous figures. Sure, Donatello’s mask does not line up perfectly with the sculpted lines in all place under very close up conditions, but overall it is nice. There can be some paint transference with some of the accessories still though, especially for those that force an overly tight grip in the hands. Again, this hurts Donnie more, but taking care of the little things is something these could all use, and to their benefit.

Overall, I enjoy this set, and I like building out a different look for the TMNT guys while getting new DC figures at the same time. Michelangelo comes with Alfred next month, and I am definitely getting that one, but the verdict is still out for the Shredder and Ra’s set, I an not quite sure I like Shredder’s look enough to justify the spend. At any rate, if you want this set or any of the others, you will need to take your spending to GameStop, as these are their exclusives. So, go getcha some!