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DC Collectibles: The Batman Who Laughs Statue Review

Of all the insane versions of Batman introduced during the Dark Knights Metal story line, the Batman who laughs is by far the worst. The very worst possible combination that could ever happen. Batman mixed with Joker.

This version of Batman hails from Earth 22 and is not all that different from the one we know. The only difference is that this Batman was finally pushed too far by his Joker and killed him to finally end what can only be described as the worst reign of terror ever by the Joker. If you want the gory details check out The Batman who laughs number one for the story. It’s some rough stuff.

Kiling the Joker resulted in a toxin being released from the Joker’s mouth that had just enough to poison his killer. Of course this quickly drove Bruce insane and transformed him into this version of Batman. He retained all of his same batman skills and discipline, but now they were combined with the psychopathic nature of the Joker. Needless to say the Justice League and all of the other heroes were no match for this combination and quickly fell one by one. With his world about to be destroyed, Batman who laughs was approached by Barabtos , the bat god. He made him an offer to come with him and placed him in charge of putting together the other evil versions of Batman throughout the dark multiverse to serve as his Dark knight army.

The Batman who laughs is presented here in statue form from DC Collectibles long running Batman black and white line. The black and white aspects of the line really lend itself to a character like this. His colors are monotone to start with so being in black and white is a great fit for his creepy, gothic look. He stands at just over seven inches tall and is limited to five thousand pieces. This is the second release of this statue, with this version being a bit more glossy, and with less grays.

The packaging has the basic minimal black and white statue line look to it. Clear pictures of the statue on the front and sides with pictures of some of the other statues from the line on the back. Credit to the creators are given on the side of the package as well.

The character himself cuts a striking image with his pinhead-esque outfit complete with a spiked mask and leather outfit held together with numerous buckles and chains. The statue captures each detail of his disturbing look and brings his creepy visage to life.

Even though this is a black and white statue, there is a ton of sculpted detail and depth here. His sinister joker styled smile is really great and the leather folds and wrinkles of his costume are all thoughtfully added. The buckles are detailed and his long bony fingertips end in nails that look like they could cut you like a knife.

His base is the basic batman black and white statue base, but has the added layer of what looks to be one of his Robins cape lying beneath him.

If you are a fan of the character or the Batman black and white statue line this is a great addition. You can grab him at your local comic shop or at your favorite online retailer of comics or comic themed collectibles.