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Top 10: Most Wanted Star Wars Black Figures SDCC 2019 Edition

The schedule for the 2019 Comic-Con came out last week and it looks like there’s a Hasbro Panel Scheduled for Friday, July 19 at 2:00 PM. Even though I heard a Hasbro rep say earlier in the year that we should not expect to see much from them Star Wars-wise at SDCC this year, I can’t help but hope to see my most wanted figures from my favorite figure line. I want so many figures, I had to forgo the usual top 5 and expand to a top ten! Read on for my top 10 most wanted Black Series figures!

In a way I can see why Hasbro might not have a lot to show us at SDCC, a big portion of the rest of this year and next’s Star Wars products have to be based on Episode IX and The Mandalorian and the rumors I’ve seen bear this out for the most part.

Still, I’m a fanatic and I don’t make my wishlists based on what’s logically going to be made or what I should expect to see. I want what I want, you know? Besides this panel description does sound somewhat intriguing.

Anyway, on with the list. I always like to start with a couple of runners up and today is no different. I have a ton of variations on the Stormtrooper and the Clonetrooper, but not quite as many Rebel or Separatist forces, so I’d like Rebel Troops and Battle Droids.

For the Rebels I’m interested in Hoth Troopers, Endor and Scarif Commandos, and any trooper variant we’ve seen in Battlefront series. For the Battledroids, repaints of the regular B-1 make a lot of sense but I’d also love a Super Battledroid, the Commando Droids, or even Droidekas.

In addition to Troopers, I’d also love to see the Inquisitors get some love. Hasbro is getting really close to finally completing the Ghost Crew from Rebels, but the new Ezra figure really has me wishing I had The Grand Inquisitor for him to fight! Give me him, the Seventh Sister and the Fifth and Eighth Brothers and I’d be ecstatic.

The other main Imperial Adversaries from Rebels, Rukh, Governor Pryce and Agent Kallus would all be welcome too.

With the runners up out of the way, let’s move on to the top ten, starting with one of the stars of The Clone Wars.

10. Asajj Ventress

I just listened to Cavan Scott’s fantastic audio-play that featured Assaj and re-watched the Tartakovsky Clone Wars series so I am in a huge Assaj mood right now. She’s always been a cool character design and has needed a good figure for a while. She’s had a few outfits, but I dig ’em all and am not completely committed to one over the other.

9. Momaw Nadon

He does have the fancy EU name, Momaw Nadon, but for a long time I knew him only as Hammerhead. His original Kenner figure was a favorite of mine back in the day and I think he stands out even among the celebrated menagerie of Cantina aliens.

The Black Series could use some more classic aliens, and Hammerhead would be a great start.

8. Bodhi Rook

Bodhi is the catalyst for the plot of Rogue One and a crucial member of the team, so it’s a crime we don’t have a figure of him to go with the rest of the Rogue One crew. Plus, I just dig his scrappy vibe and the utilitarian look of his Imperial Pilot garb.

7. Lobot

The 40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back is coming up, so what better time than 2020 to release a Black Series version of this classic background character? The comics have given him a very interesting and compelling back story, but I don’t really need any more justification other than his snazzy cyborg head-gear and puffy sleeves.

6. Saw Gerrera

Saw is a character created by Lucas for a live action TV show that never made it to air. He showed up in The Clone Wars, Rebels, Rogue One, and now will make an appearance in Jedi: Fallen Order. The guy is showing up everywhere and I just really dig his heavily armored astronaut design vibe. Hasbr, save the Rebellion, save the Dream and make a Saw Gerrera figure complete with swappable heads ASAP. I want to be able to make a young Saw from Fallen Order or a wild-eyed, Colonel Kurtz Saw from Rogue One.

5. Torra Doza

I thoroughly enjoyed season one of Star Wars: Resistance, can’t wait for season two, and I’d love to see the characters from that show in Black Series form as the designs are all really colorful and appealing. Torra especially has a weird Lynn Minme meets dirtbike-rider vibe that I really like that would make a cool black series figure. Just don’t give her those horrible Y hips.

4. Jaxxon

The Lepi Smuggler from Coachelle Prime is an obscure character from early in the original Star Wars comic run who appeared in a few issues, but his legend among fans is far greater than his scant appearances would have you think. He’s made a bit of a comeback of late with some sneaky cameos here and there and recently starred in a couple of comic book issues.

I have a love of the absurd side of Star Wars and it doesn’t get much more absurd than this big green rabbit in a space suit, so I’m anxious for a figure. I would love to see Hasbro do their own take on the character, sort of how they made the Rebels characters a little more detailed for the Black Series.

3. Nien Nunb

At the end of The Last Jedi, Princess Leia says that they have all they really need to create a rebellion against the First Order. As she says that, they cut to a shot that features a lot of characters, but most importantly Nien Nunb. Nien helped destroy the Death Star II and Starkiller Base and I hear he’ll be showing up soon at Galaxy’s Edge. It’s time for this hero of the Rebellion to get his Black Series figure due.

2. Wicket W. Warrick

I was young when Return of the Jedi debuted in theaters, but I remember clearly the ensuing Ewok mania. My friends and I obsessively built our Ewok collections and made many a Ewok battle in backyard trees and sandboxes. The Ewoks are a big part of the OT and are almost conspicuously absent from the line at this point. Wicket is really tiny, so I would like it if they could plus him up with a cool accessory or even another Ewok like Chirpa, Kneesa, or perhaps some woklings.

  1. Garazeb Orrelios

Yes, I realize that Zeb has been a rumored release for a while. Any time I bring him up over the past year, I’ve heard he is coming, but show after show goes by with no Zeb announcement. I really hope it’s finally his time this year. Hasbro has done well translating the Rebels style to the Black Series line, so I’m sure Zeb will look great.

I hope that he comes with his bo-rifle and that it either transforms to an electro-staff mode or comes as two accessories, one rifle mode and one electro-staff mode.

Well, that’s my list. What are you hoping to see?