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eBay Frenzy 07/07/19: Custom Reavers, X-Men…Oh Who Am I Kidding, It’s Mostly Marvel Legends

Wait, what? We just did eBay Frenzy last week! Why so soon? Because, there is more custom goodness to gaze upon! Plus I need to clarify one thing about a certain Juggernaut figure.

Last week I featured a Select Juggernaut mashed with Captain America. It looks awesome, but I mistakenly thought it was a custom. It’s actually a bootleg, or knock-off, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. There seems to be a rash of these from overseas, including a standard Juggernaut, Juggs-America, and this Unstoppable Colossus

I’m used to Atlas being more colorful but I kind of dig this muted more realistic take.

Once again, we have Juggernaut, we need a Black Tom.

I don’t think I was reading comics when Maggott was around as I know nothing about him, but I’m always down for mutant figures. Figures of mutant characters. Not the figures themselves being some kind of mutant plastic or something. Oh, you know what I mean.

Ooo, the Fortnite Wild Card works pretty well as a Mr. Negative!

Just as the Jazwares Fortnite Havoc works as a Firefly. Okay, admittedly, not a lot of work to do here, but I REALLY liked this group shot.

I don’t know if Cosmic Spidey/Captain Universe did the transition to pink look but I love love love a good fade and some star field look.

I didn’t realize the War Machine Punisher thing was as big as it is, but I’m okay with it. That means a lot kickass looking customs.

This auction is for X-Men uniform Banshee, which I was tying into Black Tom on up the page, but then I saw the group shot. I. Need. All. Of. Them.

The base body for this Donna Troy is a tad weird at the mid-torso joint, but it still makes for a beautiful figure.

You can have your ninja Psylockes, to me it’s all about Outback Betsy. Hopefully after Hasbro gets through the Lee team we can get some earlier renditions of our favorite X-Men and X-Women.

I feel like this is a better representation of the upcoming Walgreens version, but the glitter just sets off this modern Emma Frost.

Seems like I’ve seen this Airwalker custom somewhere before, but I don’t even mind looking at it again. It’s that good. The subtle shading to the white top as well as everything else. The color transitions. All so pretty. And that’s on top of nice sculpt work and a bulky base. Awesome.

And then we finish with the Reavers. Man, Skullbuster with the Reese head has me fiending for this group, and this nails all the ones I need on my shelf. It’s just missing Pierce, but I’m not mentioning that as a bad thing at all. VERY well done all around.

It’s even more impressive all laid out.