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Mattel: DC Multiverse Dark Knight Joker and Batman Returns Penguin Gallery

We are in the sights of new reveals at San Diego Comic Con next month, but while we wait, Mattel has released two of the most popular characters from DC’s cinematic history – Joker from The Dark Knight and Penguin from Batman Returns.

Yes, Batman was the title character in both of those films, but Danny DeVito and Heath Ledger were the absolute stars of the their respected movies thanks to their villainous turns. I am more of a comic book-inspired superhero action figure line overall, but even I was excited when these two new Multiverse entrants were announced.


Thanks to TDK’s wild success and the fact that Mattel held the DC license when the movie was released, we have seen a few cracks at this version of the Joker in the past, but this is definitely Mattel’s best offering yet. The build and articulation are both improvements to the old movie line releases, and the likeness is better, too. There are a LOT of Joker figures out there from a lot of different companies, so you have no shortage of options for you money. This is a great mass market release and will be a nice addition for anyone looking for an upgrade to their previous Mattel offerings, or for their first Heath Joker figure.


Danny DeVito’s turn as Oswald Cobblepot was like no version of the Penguin we had ever seen when Batman Returns was released. While the character design was certainly grotesque and very much in Tim Burton’s signature style, DeVito showed amazing range in bringing life to a comic book character who was sympathetic and terrifying all at the same time. This figure is all-new in terms of parts, and it captures the Penguin’s odd build well. The cloth coat helps facilitate the range of the articulation, and the umbrella pistol has a nice effect. I wish a bit more shading and face printing technology would have been employed here to bring out the DeVito likeness. and the hat can be tricky to keep on since it is not pegged.

Both figures come with a stand that has a character-specific placard on one side, and a Multiverse logo on the other. The both have support/flight stands that can be plugged into the figures backs (the holes are a bit big for my liking), and adjustable foot pegs for posing.

These figures continue the Multiverse Deluxe category (thing the Linda Carter Wonder Woman), so they are priced at $29.99 (suggested) and are starting to hit shops now.

*Thanks to Mattel for sending along these two figures for feature!