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Four Horsemen Studios: Mythic Legions Soul Spiller Ice Troll Review

I’ve taken my time opening Advent of Decay and still have a few more figures to crack open, but the Mythic Legions: Soul Spiller wave figures just shipped and I could not resist opening the Deluxe Ice Troll. That monstrous face called to me and so the Ice Troll jumped a few spots in line. Let’s take a look!

The trolls come in a massive window box that serves as a wonderful canvas for the artwork of Nate Baertsch. It’s not often you get to see full artwork on a box like this and it’s tough for an opener like me to throw it out.

But I’m really here for the figure and this massive beast is an impressive one to be sure. The figure uses a lot of the same body as the other Trolls from the line with a new weapon, head, and paint job.

The body has a really great semi-simian feel with long, heavy arms and short, solid legs. The detail packed into every part is really quite impressive and even though this is my third Troll using this body, I still marvel at all the detail. Look at the fingerprints, for crying out loud!

I also really love all the varied textures on the craggy hide and the layered paint job does great work highlighting those textures.

The head is really the highlight of the figure and the detail is off the charts on that too. I love the sort of lipless, semi cadaverous face and the chipped and gnarled teeth.

The texture of the horns is also really impressive and organic.

The paint really helps bring out all this detail too as well as adding a bit of gross gore around the mouth and slimy gloss to the tongue. He’s quite a horrific beast and I love it.

The Ice Troll comes with an ice sword and it’s a massive weapon, appropriate to the size of the beast.

The hilt has a cool, almost dwarven feel to the design and the ice blade has crystaline feel to it. The pieces come in the box separated and plug together solidly.

The Trolls do have more limited articulation than the usual Mythic Legions figure with:

  • swivel/hinge shoulders and elbows
  • Ball and socket feet and head
  • Swivel waist, hips, and wrists

The movement is sacrificed somewhat for stability and aesthetics. I do find I miss the ab hinge and knees most when posing, but he still moves pretty good for such a big, chunky figure.

Overall this figure is really nice. The unique monster design and impressive paint work override my concerns about articulation and he looks really impressive up against a regular ML figure. If you don’t have a troll yet or enjoy the others, I would suggest picking this guy up.

The Ice Troll is no longer available at BBTS, but the 4H usually do a sale on recently released figures soon after all the pre-orders ship, so be on the lookout for that.