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Medicom: MAFEX DC Shazam! Promotional Images and Pre-Order Info

It’s not quite up for pre-order yet, but here’s some pretty promo shots of the upcoming MAFEX Shazam!

The Mattel Multiverse version isn’t too bad, but this is MAFEX. Which in the past meant “terrible QC” but they’ve turned that around in recent years. I still haven’t seen Shazam! but this looks so good I can’t pass it up.

The sculpted details look amazing, capturing the look of the movie. Not to mention the paintwork. I love the gold detail on the cape.

But this thing is loaded with accessories…

That’s going above and beyond, Medicom!

This is where I get worried though…

Don’t get me wrong, these look great and allowing for several looks from the movie. While Medicom has been improving slowly on the final product when it comes to faces, they still never quite come out as nice as the prototype. Which is common, but MAFEX usually stray a little further. In Shazam’s case, it may affect the overall look. But we’ll see.

Shazam! will be about $77 and is scheduled to release Feb or 2020.